So I know there’s currents in the zee, probably caused by temperature differences or whatever but is there a tide? The moon’s super far away but I don’t know if there’s some specific Neathy Thing that happens that the zee gets to have a tide. I’m guessing there also isn’t storms aside from snow in the north, wax-wind/sandstorms in the south but it would be really cool to have a thunderstorm on the zee even if it isn’t lore/scientifically backed. I’m also gonna assume the zee is salty(I mean, come on, Storm, Stone, and Salt) which adds a whole other layer of what the heck to it. I’m not a marine biologist and I doubt there’s enough lore to satisfy my thirst for Zee-Science so these might be rhetorical questions. Also, are the whirlpools caused by anything specific that we know of? Strong currents? Zee-beasts? The spite of Mr Eaten?
Who knows? I’m curious to see what people know that I don’t.

There was a thread about this once before…