Ze Great Art Competition for Sunless Sea

ahem Welcome in ze Gallery!
As you can see, zis gallery of art of mine is rather empty. Zis makes me, well, sad.
However, I ‘ave devised a plan fantastic!

Draw something for gallery! Win Sunless Sea*!
The theme for this competition is : The Sunless Sea, or the Unterzee. More specifically, depictions of the Zee, be it a map, a drawing, a painting or a statue.

Since putting a deadline is hard, I shall put this contest to an end on 20 August 2016 at 23:59:59. You’ve been warned!

I will choose my favorite piece and send the artist a private message on Tumblr or the forum (link) to get their Steam name, and then give them the game, oui oui!

So, then… A vos pinceaux!

tl;dr : Draw something related to the Unterzee or the marvelous game Sunless Sea and win the game!
*To be exact, a Steam copy of the game.
edited by Docteur on 7/9/2016

Such timing! Shrunk down from the full size which can be found here.

For clarification, by 10/7 do you mean July 10th or October 7th? I assume the former.

The former is correct. I’ll edit the first post to clarify this!
If you feel that the deadline is way too short, do tell me!

Due to a lack of visibility and under great advice, I put up a Tumblr post as well as changed the deadline of the competition.

I’ve also added a theme, so people can get more ideas! Your piece, Ultimus, fits the theme perfectly.

Hello !
I finally finished my entry for this contest ! I had a lot of fun doing it.

You can see it right here : http://imgur.com/5kwZzql
This is not the highest quality of course (I fear the internet, full of art thieves). But if you want to see the HD Docteur, just ask me and I’ll send it to you !

And as the deadline changed, if you allow me, I think I’ll do another entry. But if you want only one piece of art per entrant, I’ll understand.

Oh, that is gorgeous Ravenyawn, I like it a lot.

Thank you very much ! I’m glad you like it !!

Ooh, that’s a gorgeous piece Ravenyawn. Very nicely done.

Thank you UltimusLight. I worked hard on it.

I like the vibrant colors you used in your entry though.

More than a week remains before this contest ends. Enter now, for Art’s sake!

Though it saddens me that only two contestants took part in this contest, I’d like to thank both of you for your entries!
They were both magnificent, but alas : A man must choose.

Thus… Ravenyawn, please contact me via PM on this very forum to reclaim your hard-earned prize! And thank you Ultimus for submitting your piece!

[color=#cc0099]We adored both submissions to your competition, and so have sent UltimusLight a Sunless Sea key as well! [/color]
[color=#cc0099]Also, our Zee themed Fan Art Competition has officially begun, which we’ll be sharing on our Tumblr. Perhaps you can find some more lovely pieces for your collection there too.[/color]

Oh, I’m so glad I’ve won ! Thank you very much Doctor, it was really fun to do it.
I’ve just sent you a PM as you asked.

Congratulation UltimusLight, in the end we both won the game.

The new competition tickles my art sense, I guess I’ll go take a look.

Oh! Thank you very much! It’s an honor!