Zailing Tips and Tourism on Mutton Island

I’ve set out on my first zee voyage and I was wondering if anyone had any tips for zailing in general? It seemed to take forever to reach my destination. And I’m assuming, it will take the same amount of time to get back to London![li]

My first stop has been Mutton Island and it is not filled with exciting options. I’ve done all the options that appeared at the start, and have Time Passing in the Southern Archipelago 5. If I stay here longer and repeat actions, will more options appear? Or should I cut my losses and set re-zail?

Also, is there any benefit to breaking Extraordinary Implications down into secrets/clues with the custodial chef?

And! Whilst I’m asking questions! One of my main reasons for setting sail was (spoiler for Light Fingers)

to rescue the music hall singer. I’m a little confused though, as the kidnapped singer is referred to as the sardonic music hall singer, yet I am regularly visiting a sardonic music hall singer of my good acquaintance back in London. Are they supposed to be different or the same one?

/chews on rubbery lumps and looks forward eagerly to enlightenment!

It’s a cycle, so more options will appear. Also, that is most likely a typo.

[li]Zailing in a nutshell is about knowing which card options provide >1.5 cp of Approaching Your Destination and/or enough other goods to make them worth your while. Completing your first Zee-Voyage gave you the Experienced Zailor quality, which unlocks one such card: A Wily Zailor.

Mutton Island is a Carousel, like some other things you might’ve seen in London. At Time Passing 7 and 9, new options unlock. The most interesting of them is &quotA scrap of a diary,&quot at 9, which provides a unique quality that opens up a bit of story back in London. The other interesting thing to do on Mutton Island if you’re Stormy-Eyed is to use &quotI bid the wind speak&quot to run the quality up to 19: that’ll also unlock something back in London, and while you can raise Stormy-Eyed via dream cards it’ll take forever.

Breaking down Extraordinary Implications isn’t a great deal in terms of net value/action, but if you really need a lot of Secrets or Clues I guess it’s not a terrible idea.

Some pretty good cards: A wily Zailor, Calm seas: Fair Zailing, those Persuasive/Dangerous/Watchful cards and finally The Fleet of Truth. Some others are pretty decent to steam on by as well. Every other card you have prevents you from getting the same card, so try to keep your hand pretty full.
As pretty much only Polythreme allows you to draw cards of the destinations, you should avoid embarking land on your last action and save up a few actions while flipping cards.
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Yeah, keep your hand full with the luck cards like Killing Wind, and draw one new card at a time. Plus, A Wily Zailor gets really good as you level up.

Anyone know the exact amount of cps it gives? Is the only difference the troubling waters?
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Aximillio - it is 5 change points when you Steam straight through the Beechey Currents.