Your Ultimate Goal? (And MAYBE aid for it?)

We all have a goal in this sordid city. To discover the hidden tales and the letters of the sky, to conquer death, or maybe just to breed goats. Don’t laugh at that last one. Goats are rare here.

This is a thread to discuss your ultimate goal in Fallen London, and why you seek it, as well as maybe offer aid to those seeking similar goals.

Myself? I seek The Garden, and total mastery over death. (Though ironically not The Cider - that would take way too long to grind and I jump around to different goals like The Vake when he sees a crowd. XD )

Frensus aims to become a Paramount Presence, which is so long term and uncertain I can count on it carrying my attention for quite a long while. I’ve dug through forum posts about this time last year when the POSI upgrades rolled out and there is teasing info from Alexis and Flyte coupled with occasional reports of &quotit’s not 200 in all highway stats and 12 Notability.&quot from players.

It is obtainable though, and was right from that point. Probably requires fate, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a wrong choice somewhere locks you out of it, like with getting Passion. I have a lot of other things to get through before I can start grinding literally everything that can be ground in search of the requirements. Don’t even know if anyone has found it, because if they have it’s being kept under wraps.

World domination.

Oh. In FL? To seduce the masters.
Which isn’t a thing. Yet.
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Seeker of Names desires to Seek Mr Eaten’s Name. Nothing could be a worthier search.

DragonRidingSorceress now wishes to prevent the Liberation of Night.

My main also wishes to seduce a particular Master, in addition to getting as many pets as possible (I just really like animals is all) including goats, achieve Paramount Presence, finish both zir Ambitions, fulfil zir destiny to hug every single Rubbery Man and Fluke… I’d like some Cider too, eventually… basically, I have a bunch of "would like to do"s but lack the single-minded focus to achieve any of them. At least I’m slowly grinding my way to goathood.

Meanwhile, one of my alts wants to find Mr. Eaten’s name. He feels it’s his rightful punishment. We don’t talk about that alt. We don’t invite him to things.

I object to your description of the city as “sordid” - all this talk of bat seduction notwithstanding…

Anyway, my goal is to obtain all of the top tier Relicker items the hard way - i.e. by obtaining all the required Scraps post-nerf. I am currently a little over a quarter of the way there…

Ultimately, my goals are as follows: influence, affluence, and plenty of connections to maintain both. I make few friends, I keep favors owed to me memorized, and my wine cellars stocked. What more could I want?