Your Luckiest Moment?

What was the luckiest thing to happen in your games of Fallen London? The luckiest thing I did, was tracking down the Fidgeting Writer, and by sheer chance wining all of the luck challenges, and earning a Coruscating Soul for my effort.

The first time I tried Fidgeting Writer I got all the way up to the step right before Coruscating Soul, but then cashed out because I’d never seen a Mourning Candle before and I had no idea where I could get one. I didn’t appreciate at the time how lucky that was.

My most notable bit of luck was winning the Majestic Pleasure Yacht off of Mr Pages on the first try, despite the odds being “strongly against” me. Losing that luck challenge costs a lot of echos worth of stuff.

Don’t want to be rude, but don’t we already have a thread similar to this one? It’s self explanatory that we celebrate or brag about our greatest achievements which, most of the time, are luck based. :D

There I was, cornered 'twixt the Scylla of a mountain and the Charybdis of uncharted waters! My first mate nearly mutinied when I stuck to our course, but I stashed the precious maps beneath my vest and weathered waves higher than any I’d seen in many fortnights. What do you know, it seemed a whole fleet of dastardly researchers had the same idea! One by one I warned them away with my mizzentoppengunnen, but by then the storm was Biblical, and we had made no progress 'gainst the twin foes.

WHAT THEN, ye cry? I raised the zub’s shell about us, and sank for what we all feared would be the last time. Yet the old thing held on for longer than I cared to think about oxygen or pressure. A perfect straight of subsurface travel it was, and by the time we finally arose it was calm seas all about.

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I got my yacht on my first try.

Probably this one

I have moments that felt like amazing luck, but probably weren’t. Relatively early into the game- either pre-POSI or just slightly post, i got a ratwork watch, but that was on like my 50th attempt at obtaining one- lucky, but not nearly as lucky as i felt, obtaining such a windfall.

Luck doesn’t feel as important now, but that’s mostly because i’m already rich. By the time i got my yacht, I could have tried-and-failed five times or nine times and still felt like i had plenty of echoes.

That said, i had really good luck with seeking so far. far less failures than i should have gotten.

I actually scored two Ratwork Watches, both soon after I began methodically robbing drunks in Spite, but since then neither of my characters has been able to obtain a watch that way.

I see your point, Skinnyman, but I disagree with your conclusion. The &quotCelebrating Good Fortune’ thread is about obtaining a substantial benefit on your own merit , usually by long weeks of grinding. That sort of success isn’t usually a luck-based thing. On the other hand, this thread is about briefly being the darling of the Random Number Generator that is the real ruler of Fallen London. :-)

Ironically, my luckiest moment was in SMEN. Drowning your secrets to be exact. Until I hit 21, and became eligible for the calling card, I had amazing luck with it. 35% chance of success? Nope, that was my FAILURE rate.
Now of course the RNG is paying it all back.
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There I was, hunting the Vake, cornered in the darkness. I was dangerously close to madness and/or death, and couldn’t take another Vake attack. My only chance to escape was a 20% ‘hearing things’ challenge. I hadn’t tried it yet because the chance was still too low, but now it was a matter of succeeding or dying.

I passed it in the first try.

While advancing the Dilmun Club storyline, I chose the Implacable Detective’s Respectable challenge to proceed to the next part of the quest. 10% chance to pull it off. I did.


Does three refreshes from my aunt count? I think so.

(I know there is a longer thread about pleasant events, but I couldn’t find it… anyone have a link?)

Thanks, phryne! Your various posts are a wonderful resource – all among my bookmarks.

If this is about good luck, not achievements…
I went for an Impossible Theorem all geared up - mood, cider, maginificents feasts, extra enigmas, dozens of second insights, soul shepherd card at hand. Got it at first try.
So naturally I am now grinding for the second one.

I’m preparing to finish Bag a Legend content on one of my alts, who’s doing the Fidgeting Writer to get Night Whispers. He managed to get three Night Whispers in a row. Unfortunately, his luck has dried up, and well… now I remember why people find the FW so frustrating. [/quote]

I think the thread in question is more likely this one, rather than the in-character one.
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