Your Hallowmas Statistics

Heya. Just thought it would be fun (and maybe useful next year) to share statistics we had this Hallowmas, if anyone was keeping track.
I wasn’t logging them or anything so most of those are very approximate and may be wrong.

Total Spirit: 782
Money gained: like, a lot?
Notability gained: 6->12 (after Huffam)

Incoming confession requests
Days signed up for Confession POSI list: 3 (Any)
Incoming confession requests: >180 (no idea how much more!)
I accepted: >150 requests
I didn’t have time to accept: >30 :(
Whimsy: 65%
Pride: 30%
Non-POSI: <5%
My confessions betrayed: ~5

Outgoing confession requests
Confession requests sent by me: ~250
Confession requests accepted: >200
Confession requests unanswered: ~30
Confession requests declined: ~10

I consigned to Bazaar: ~80
I Betrayed: ~125
Masters CP received: 32
I Buried: ~10

Hallowmas #: 1
Random poisons received: >20
Random scandal received: 0
Awesome/vengeful/upset letters received: ~10
Fun had: plenty
Avg. sleep time: 6 hrs 38 mins

Here’s a few of my stats in your format:

Professor Travers Durward
Total Spirit: 626

Incoming confession requests
Incoming confession requests: 122
I accepted: 122
My confessions betrayed: 1

Outgoing confession requests
Confession requests sent by me: 135
Confession requests accepted: 124
Confession requests unanswered: 7
Confession requests declined: 3
Confession requests withdrawn by me: 1

I consigned to Bazaar: 122
I Betrayed: 0
I Buried: 1
edited by Travers on 11/9/2015