Your Greatest Ambition!

Not your character, mind you, but yours! When you hit endgame, you have to start making your own goals. What are they? Is there anything special you are working towards?

I’m trying to beat the highest &quotChess with the Boatman&quot score. Far as I know, this is 42. I want to breach 50!

Uhm… many, definitely many.

  • Have the greatest collection of 1868 first sporing.

  • Being the player with most pupils which “graduated” their watchfulness. (if possible)

  • Being the player with most Seeker acquaintances, and possibily have a declaration of love to ad from all of them.

  • Dreams. Dreams are really cool - so, have them (in general) as high as possible.

  • And, of course, Neathy Pokèmon. Which gentlething would not like to catch (or breed) them all?

1: Ubergoat
2: Scholar of the Correspondence as high as I can get it
3: Stat Capping Dangerous/Shadowy (Watchful/Persuasive already there)
4: Get all seven candles (once seeking returns)

As for my alt, at the moment it’s getting Shadowy Stat-capped (only capped Persuasive) and I’ve also been grinding money lately so, if I can commit myself, might eventually go for Hesperidean Cider.

1: Parabolan Basecamp
2: Ubergoat
3: Get SotC to 20

Finish the Game of Chess dreams - I’m at 15 after 2.5 years of very regular playing, and I think they go up to 19.

As soon as I’m finished with another grind I’m going to advance The Liberation as far as I can.

*Hesperidean Cider
*Cap Connected: Masters
*Set up an alt and Seek. :)

For Helen:

  • Have her reach 10000 Connected: Bohemian.
  • Have her have 10000 Echoes.
  • Have her write at all the short stories and have at least 20 for each.
  • Find a way to get rid of the Orphanage of hers without looking like a jerk.
  • Have become accepted in Court again.
  • Find a way to reconnect with the Once-Dashing Smuggler. Oh please oh please.

For Andrea:

  • Have her get 300 Connected: The Great Game, her Closest To.
  • Break off all ties with them.
  • Become Closest To Criminals.
  • Have her reach 10000 Connected: Criminals.
  • Figure out an Ambition for her to choose from.
  • Have her do the Cave of Nadir storyline!

For Mari:

  • Have them reach cap Feared Duelist.
  • Have them become a Shattering Force.
  • Get them two Ubergoats.

For Mr Monday:

  • Have him become Stormy-Eyed.
  • Have enter the Mind of a Long-Dead God.
  • Have him become Stormy-Eyed again.
    = Get him Connected: the Masters. Make it reach 10.
  • Get him a Salon!
  1. 5-card lodgings
  2. Ubergoat
  3. Nicest Guy in the Neath award (Magnanimous isn’t capped with Nursing Wounds right?)
  4. Hesperidean Cider[li]
  5. Somehow stop the Liberation of Night!
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  1. Rats
  2. er
  3. …more rats?
  4. total control of London’s postal system
  5. absolute saturation of the Neath’s cavern with rats
  6. forming new, Rat-King Judgement
  7. learning how to ride a velocipede (very hard)

im not close to max-ing out my stats yet… so i intend to explore explore all stories/storylets i have access to. though im not sure i want to ever get kicked out of the university, and nadir sounds like a horrible grind.

maybe i’ll write all the books/poems available in the empress’ court? after buying all the normal inventory items i want from the bazaar, maybe buy a life-time supply of honey and dream every day??

[quote=Helen Demeter]For Helen:

  • Find a way to reconnect with the Once-Dashing Smuggler. Oh please oh please.

This is I believe possible in the Tomb-Colonies, at least it was for me earlier today…

  • Blemmigan Secretary
  • Overgoat
  • Ubergoat
  • Get final 5-card lodging (couldn’t get the Brass Embassy Sanctum at Christmas due to stains on my soul)
  • Become an Echoist
  • All 3200 scrap worth items from all four relickers
  • Experience the Foreign Office, but only if/when it would be possible to get un-banished from the court
  • Get at least 200 connected to all factions (except for the Masters and Glass/Shroud)
  • Hesperidean Cider?
  • I don’t know… write all possible short stories?
  • The Elder Continent? (Hey, my destiny is to conquer the Mountain of Light!)

Hmmm! Good question. I’ve mapped out standard outfits for all my characters, so earning/affording any parts of those I haven’t picked up yet is one - my idea is that they each have an outfit that suits them, boosts their stats in a characteristic order, and contains no item worn in any of the others’ outfits. Otherwise… Sir Fred and Hubris are at the statcap and have completed most everything I wanted to do with them, so my ambitions there all concern future content. Juniper and Esther I’d like to get to the Shadowy and Persuasive POSI specialisations, respectively. Doctor Taupe-Wainscot will be aiming for Paramount Presence, of course.

After the recent Hallowmas Destiny revelations, I think my most long-term goal has become to find an in-story reason for my character to safely come back to the Surface after all’s been said and done, despite him becoming a Huntsman for the Fingerkings (and as such, if I’ve understood well, forever linked to Parabola and the Fingerkings’ service). Yes, I could just choose a different Destiny, but 1) most of the other Destinies imply a different ending anyway; The Oath has you return to Surface with your Spouse, but still leaves open the little Liberation of Night Problem… 2) being the Huntsman is just TOO DAMN COOL to refuse ^^

On a more narrow perspective, my next steps (not in order) are:

  • Getting a full set of Knife and Candle regalia (the recent Prize Token dispensation and the possibility to gain Prize Tokens renouncing Notability has ade this much easier than before, hardly a long-term goal at the moment)
  • Getting an &Uumlbergoat
  • Achieving at least 21 levels in Scholar of the Correspondence (very slow, as at my current level it relies on getting Preternaturally Intent, and I will need the &Uumlbergoat to get to 21 anyway)
  • Getting a vial of Master’s Blood without selling the secret of the Cave of Nadir (currently at 2x Tears of the Bazaar, 3x Fourth City Airag. It will take some time)
  • Never sell the secret of the Cave of Nadir to anyone (I like my character to be a good secret keeper for story reasons, but if something very precious should pop out requiring an item obtainable selling the location, I cannot say for sure I’ll be able to resist ^^)
  • Managing to never die nor sell my character’s soul;
  • Raising An Experienced Zailor as much as I can (my character working as a shipchandler, I just like that he can give advice based on his own personal experience instead of just reading books and hearing stories at the Docks XD)

I also had the goal to reach the highest distinction in the higher Orders of Knife and Candle, but thanks to a frantic series of duels, I obtained my last medal just last week, effectively joining the elite of London duellists. SO PROUD ^^

Edit: How could I forget this: I’m keeping Enigma Ambition for the endgame, mainly because I don’t want to lose all my Confident Smiles and my Sulky Bats (that would mean losing even my very first pet, that followed me loyally since my very first days in London; I acquired and used a lot of Bats to exchange Research Notes, but I always cared to keep one always in inventory exactly for that reason ^^); also, I’m more than a little afraid that I won’t be able to solve the second step, so for the moment I’m happily procrastinating ^^
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For me things that are actually possible
Get stat capped (at the moment 168 Watchful/ 146 Shadowy/ 200 Dangerous/ 192 Persuasive)


When I’ve capped my Watchful and got my first goat do shadowy dealings at the University. I’m collecting Uncanny Incunabulum and Searing Enigmas to get an Impossible Theorem and then I will see how high I can get my Scholar of the Correspondence
Get enough scraps for at least one of everything the Relickers offer

The stories that need to be continued …

The Vake
Everything needed for a Parabolan Base-Camp
The Dilmun Club

I’m sure there are other ambitions and goals.


On a more narrow perspective, my next steps (not in order) are:

  • Getting a full set of Knife and Candle regalia (the recent Prize Token dispensation and the possibility to gain Prize Tokens renouncing Notability has ade this much easier than before, hardly a long-term goal at the moment)

ah. i want that waxwail knife too. but grinding notability seems to be only efficient for certain jobs. moon league still seems to be pretty quiet for me. recently someone challenged my main and seems to have gone netdead. i hate that.

Greatest Ambition? Cider. That’s the default that I go back to whenever nothing else is going on.

Shorter-term goals:

  1. Grinding wedding preparations;

  2. Stat-capping;

  3. Seeking, when it comes back;

  4. Exploring all the opportunities in the Nadir;

  5. Acquiring all the high-tier items through scraps or otherwise;

  6. (new today) Trying the different breeding options in the Labyrinth.

It’s never going to happen, but I want all the pets. Of all sorts.

All the high tier items would be nice, but my character is a Monster-Hunter, Monster-Breeder, and Blood Cousin to Predators! The Ubergoat is unlikely due to the twitch I get when I grind, but I can hope. (I’d like an Overgoat AND an Ubergoat, so I’m doomed)

In no particular order:
Get up to 50 pets/companions
Get Ubergoat and OVergoat to replace the one going into the Ubergoat
Scholar of Correspondence 15+
Visit the Mind of the Long Dead God
Marry my alt in the most outlandish way possible
Have 7 Impossible Theorems - One for each day of the week