Your characters a hussy.

So I just realized something. Your character gets around a lot. Like a lot a lot. I think my character has been with at least ten different people. Its just there’s so many cards where your character seems to have casual sex with another character. I think its a bit weird.

I like to think that each character’s story takes place over many years - it takes time, after all, to grow into a respected politician-businessperson-archaeologist-professor-explorer-writer from a penniless, skill-less prisoner. So in that context it is not so many even by ‘respectable’ standards, especially if you remain faithful to a few key flames.

That having been said, sexuality and romance is complicated and varied. Ten lovers in a fortnight may not be unusual or frowned up around the Bohemian streets of Veilgarden. Do it in a night and I believe there’s a prize hat in the offing.

Hedonist 100, baby.

I could be wrong, but I’m fairly certain that you can go through the game without pursuing any romances, if you so choose. If you’re trying to do every storylet possible, then of course you get around, but you’re also playing the kind of person who’s always looking for new experiences. Which may include doing several experimental flings.

Mr. Linton has a point, there are a lot of cards where it’s sort-of implied that something impure has happened behind closed doors, and it’s not always obvious from the text in the option that that will be the result.

The game certainly seems to be written with the assumption that our characters won’t cling rigidly to chastity, but I don’t know that it’s ever set in stone that we ever committed to anything more voluptuous than an all-night cribbage party. It’s certainly not like Fallout 2, which measures prowess, number of times, number of partners and different flavours of protection, with appropriate achievements and alternative endings! If you prefer, whenever you’re still there the next morning, imagine that you plied them with a heavy dinner and strong wine, carried them to bed, rifled their pockets, and spent the night on the divan.

I don’t know there seems to be a lot of cards where you just straight up sleep with someone.

You confoundable bounder! I knew you’d been in my pockets(!)

Yeah, a lot of stuff is purposefully ambigious, which means it’s up to what you think is mostly likely for your character.
That being said, I’m suprised nobody has figured out my character’s gender with how often he/she get’s around.

My, my, voluptuous cribbage parties. Whatever will they think of next?

What is interesting is most of these adventures happen, or can happen, anyway, long before you are duly wed. Seeing the consequences of hedonism might be interesting, too. Somehow, I think the Devout Intriguer would have an interesting response. I mean, we don’t know much about the Teeth’s social customs. Maybe they’re polyamorous? I mean, they can’t get much stranger, right?


I would imagine my rubbery companion doesn’t mind too much about what I did before meeting him.

I like to think my Devout Intriguer only complains if I don’t invite her along. Granted, their isn’t a lot of romance of other kinds after you can get married.

See, its funny how we both came to that conclusion regarding the intriguer (and Mr. Rubbery). I suppose it makes for more interesting escapes. I’m still holding out hope for more spouse characterization moments, though. I just wanna see their married bliss. Or tentacled bliss.

I hope so too. I have been mostly having the spouse be a motivation for my characters actions.
Such as getting diamonds before the feast. . .