Your Character’s Hallowmas Costume

Ah, Hallowmas. One of the few times of the year when one isn’t so strictly lashed to the those same few outfits for their current grind (save one or two menace reductions items required for maximal Hallowmas Spirit, of course)

But, still being what it is, I thought it’d be fun for people to list what their character is rocking in the time we to be wild and free, hopefully with a specific theme or holiday goal in mind, or even true to the real life holiday in that it impersonates something from pop media. I know higher level players will have more to play around with, but you could make something wonderful even without too many items.

I’ll go first, with what I call “The Inescapababy”:

Hat: The Infant
Clothing: Blinding Suit
Gloves: Flawless Hand Mirror
Weapon: Bejewelled Cane
Boots: Boots with Diamond Soles
Companion: Albino Rat
Transport: Velocipede
Home Comfort: Portable Lamp Post

The general idea being I make my horrific baby face as omnipresent as humanly possible. I can even do it on the go, using a hand mirror and portable lamp post to flash blinding baby light into the eyes of drivers as I peddle to my next Hallowmas Masque.

My outfit is equipped in my profile for the duration of the festival for people to enjoy in its full glory, as I suggest anyone interested in following up does as well, with of course the temporary switch outs for menace reduction equips. I also don’t see any reason why one couldn’t post multiple outfits, horrifically well-lit baby wink

Merry Hallowmas!

The Mayoral Selection Platter:
Hat: Sinning Jenny’s Forsaken Wimple
Clothing: Viscountess Bejeweled Collar
Gloves: Devilbone Talons
Weapon: Private Debating Lessons with the Jovial Contrarian

Unfortunately I don’t have anything to represent Feducci, but his lance would clash with the Debating Lessons anyway.
Throw in a Pair of Scarlet Stockings of Dubious Origin if you want the obligatory sexy costume variant.

Ha! Now that you mention it, that works for any costume. Tracklayer’s Helmet, Workman’s Clothes, Singed and Stained Work Gloves, Sturdy Pick, Tough Tracklayer, Scarlet Stockings - you’ve got a Sexy Furnace Ancona costume!

The Masseurse dresses up as a Sexy Curator:
Hat: The Moth
Clothing: Cloak of Little Midnights
Gloves: don’t have anything clawlike, so just Flawless Hand Mirror to fix my makeup and such
Weapon: A Notable Absence of Scars
Boots: none
Companion: Focused Albatross
Transportation: Clay Sedan Chair, or rather one component thereof

Sitting astride the shoulders of one sedan carrier, while the albatross perches on my own shoulders. The cloak covers all three of us, with only my bemasked face showing through, to create the illusion that we are a single, massive, winged individual under that cloak.
Great way to accumulate suspicion, no?

Streetcat doesn’t change its clothes for the occasion. It just rolls about town in an improvised wheelchair constructed from velocipede parts, and goads random passersby into arguments, with increasingly convoluted premises. What did you expect of it, tact?
Pretty good way to accumulate wounds, all things considered.