You should be able to repair your ships elsewhere!

For example, in the Khanate or port Carnelian!

Fighting beasties is hard works and sometimes you don’t wan to run all the way back to FL for a mere 30 hull!

If you’re only down 30 hull, just use the Repair function.

You can repair your hull at Fathomkings for a live specimen or get minor hull repairs (2-3 points) by examining Bound Shark corpses.

I must concur with the sentiment, being able to establish some autonomy outside of London would be an interesting change of pace. Still, only a few other ports retain the capacity to enact reliable and affordable repairs on ships that can be as advanced as the Dreadnought. The Iron Republic and the Khanate maintain good ports for making and repairing ships but it should take some degree of effort to acquire their aid.

If anything, it should speak to how grand the port you’re visiting is. Abbey Rock probably doesn’t have a dry dock…but it stretches credulity to think that the Khanate does not, and that it wouldn’t be willing to gouge a foreigner for some desperately needed repairs.
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Also a good candidate for a full drydock: The Iron Republic.

I also don’t see why there can’t be a repair (perhaps only partial repair?) option at places like Port Carnelian, Port Cecil, Venderbight, Gaider’s Mourn, Grand Geode, Varchas, The Chelonate, and possibly even Station III or Irem.

Not to say that it should be available at the get-go in all those ports, assistance in most of those places should require some effort. It would be nice if that option was there for the particularly dedicated, though.

What I really want to see is full shipyards in The Iron Republic, the Khanate, and even Gaider’s Mourn that allow you to purchase ships unique to those factions.

New kinds of ships is high on my list of “things I really want in this game”.

I dunno the Varchaasi would want your horrible darkness-contaminated ship anywhere near em :P More ships would definitely be cool, though, and if a place has a shipyard open to you, it ought to follow that it has the means to fix your ship.

I would definitely love more ships, even if they just had a different color and slight stat differentiation form regular ships. I want my next Scion to rock the waves with a red-prowed vessel while taking ships in the name of his own personal pirate princedom!

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It’d be interesting to be able to customize your ship a bit more than you can now, perhaps color or flag wise. Maybe if you get supremacy up by a certain amount, you can ally your ship with a certain faction, removing certain opportunities in London but giving you better deals elsewhere? While it’s great to have London as a home port, and no doubt that’s what Failbetter was trying to do, what makes it so that captains can’t decide to make the Khanate the place they return to always? After all, it’s more convenient for a lot of places, and definitely allows cooler story.

Also, yeah, I agree with the fact that the Khanate, Port Carnelian, Iron Republic, and maybe Gaider’s Mourn or the Cumean Canal should have some way to repair ships. Gaider’s Mourn can be hella expensive and dangerous (Iron challenge, maybe?), Iron Republic could drive terror through the roof, the Khanate could raise suspicion there and require favor from the Taimen or the Leopard, and Port Carnelian can require having a certain supremacy quality there.

On another thought, what if Irem had a place to repair as well? It kind of makes sense maybe? It could cost Secrets.

Iunno, Irem doesn’t exactly seem like the sort of place that would have a bustling shipyard. A weird interaction that was capable of repairing your ship, maybe; an actual Drydock analogue would be weird, I think.

Supremacy definitely already has some effects (e.g., the Admiral no longer speaking to you/being disappeared??? if some of your other supremacies get too high), but I’m definitely very interested in where else Failbetter are going to take this, and it would make sense for your home base – as it were – to be able to move elsewhere if you had personally helped certain factions ascend to greater and greater poewr. Machinations!

It is kind of odd that the only other port that allows any sort of repair is the Fathomking’s Hold.

Personally I’d like to see distinctions in places with Drydocks and ports capable of minor repairs based on their power projection in the Zee:

Full Drydock areas would be:

  • The New Khanate’s Khan’s Heart and Khan’s Shadow (with the difference being that Heart allows normal Drydock actions analogous to Fallen London’s, whereas Shadow repairs your ship with buccaneers cannibalizing other out-of-commission vessels for hull materials. Perhaps you could even gain enough favour with them so that they re-commission an old but powerful Khanate War Trimaran for you? I’ve always wanted my own Trimaran. It would also circumvent the whole problem of being loyal to the authority of Glory as you’re basically sailing around in one of their rebellious cousins’ ships as a privateer)[/li][/ul][ul][li]The Iron Republic (their port shows huge industrial mechanization and they field Dreadnoughts, they also seem to be the HQ of the Zee’s Anarchist faction).[/li][/ul][ul][li]Grand Geode (former London naval base and main port of the Dawn Machine faction, displaying docked Glorious Dreadnoughts. Would be great if you could also acquire those glowing Glorious ships from them if you earn the Machine’s favour)[/li][/ul][ul][li]Gaider’s Mourn (main port of Corsair’s Forest and the Privateers faction, with sophisticated docking system. Seems to also be a neutral refueling station for various factions)[/li][/ul][ul][li]The Chelonate (they seem to have power projection to the extent that they vie with the Fathomking and Khanate for territory, despite fielding no war vessels of their own in the current build of the game, though I’d imagine these would probably be Vinta/Xebec-style vessels specifically equipped for boarding actions. Still, judging by the beasts they hunt you’d imagine that their home base would be equipped for extensive vessel repairs)

Minor Ship repair areas would be:

  • Port Carnelian (main port of London’s only colonial possession on the Elder Continent, seems to be fairly sparse as a major port as art depicts it almost as a Borneo shanty town on stilts. Perhaps you could get the opportunity to upgrade its port to drydock status depending on your influence there through your agents? Although, doesn’t the Set or at least the Pianolist’s submarine Irrepressible make port here?)[/li][/ul][ul][li]The Isle of Cats (Leopold Raffles is the &quotPirate-King&quot and his island is frequented by a host of different ships from across the Zee, yet his port has no refueling/resupply capabilities and no maintenance services? Seriously?)[/li][/ul][ul][li]Nativity of Saviour’s Rocks (main port and trading hub of the Sorrow Spider Cult and apparently frequented by a variety of ships. they already have refueling and resupply services, why can’t the Spiders help fix your ship once you help them in the Festival of Silk? They maintain the Tree of Ages right?)[/li][/ul][ul][li]Cumaean Canal (international transition and refueling hub for surface-Neath travel, also seems to have a sophisticated and industrialized dock system)[/li][/ul][ul][li]Nuncio (Rattsey’s main port and home base of the Rat Barges? Given the role Rattus Faber and Caminus Yards play in ship repairs, you’d think this seemingly independent rat port would have this capability as well?)[/li][/ul][ul][li]Irem (apparently the main port for travelling East equipped with refueling services and seemingly affiliated with Salt. As other have said, some sort of strange repair interaction involving dreams and a stat test would make sense)[/li][/ul][ul][li]Adam’s Way (gateway to the Presbyterate and another refueling station, Apis Meet probably won’t fix metal ships but could assist in the maintenance of acquirable Living Ships in future updates?)

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>The Republic of Murinia will now repair ships


Also, supplies repair for 5 hull. Was it always this way?

Yes, it was always this way. That was the Repair function I mentioned in my first reply.
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That’s enlightening. For some reason I was always thinking they only repaired for 1.

They used to only repair 1. Presumably that changed.

Correction, it has been this way for several months.