"you have unlocked october's exceptional story"

umm… i have a question.

there is a new storylet which is called &quotan exceptional story: a cachophony of urchins&quot. which is a preview of the next story. i slected the storlylet and picked one of the options.

after that, one of the rewards (the sunrise icon) said &quotyou have unlocked october’s exceptional story. you may now play it at your leisure&quot which is odd considering i have no friendship subscription. is this a mistake or something ?

i have no screencaps on this one, sorry.

Probably worth letting support know about this… it’s definitely the same message that usually only appears to subscribers!

You can contact support at support@failbettergames.com.
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yes, im bumping an old thread. but i managed to get a picture of it.


i havent contacted support yet since im not that active. so can someone do it?