Writting partnership.

Hi, I am memymoi.

I am looking for someone who would like to write a storynexus world with me. I have written the start of a few different worlds of different styles. (I’m not saying I want to continue writing from these, I’m just showing you what I’ve done up to this point.)

http://theinvasion.storynexus.com/ (Alien invasion Sci-fi)
http://ai.storynexus.com/ (Artificial intelligence turns against humanity)
http://ridiculous.storynexus.com/ (Comedy puzzle game)

I am happy to write pretty much any genre, although the Fantasy genre seems a bit overloaded already. I think crime would be a nice genre as nobody has released a world in this category as of yet. (Well at least not while I’m writing this.)

I am 18 years old and write in a lot of my spare time. I think storynexus is an amazing opportunity to write, and I feel as though there are so many areas that haven’t yet been explored since it only came out recently.

That sounded so much more formal than I had intented, oh well.
Please email here: memymoiynot@hotmail.com
If you are interested. (Or private message me on these forums)
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I’m not looking for more StoryNexus workload, but I’d just like to say that having a team makes StoryNexus work infinitely easier. It’s been great having three folks on Zero Summer, and I’m sure Alexis would say the same thing about Fallen London.

Gordon - could you possibly elucidate some strategies of how to work with a team within the actual writing mechanics of a StoryNexus game? I could see collaborating with one other person, but how does one manage with more than that?

Differentiation of roles, or does everyone contribute to writing and structure? Do you have meetings live or in a chat room?


There are (obviously) lots of different ways to work with groups of people. I can explain how it works with ZS, though.

Structurally, the ZS team is successful because we have clearly delineated responsibilities. I write Cutting Your Spurs and the main plot; Becks writes Hallowed Ground; Tucker writes Harvestmen. Each of us writes one of the “grind” cards. Each of us writes one of the Menace states and the associated questicles.

I hand what I write to Becks for proofing; Becks and Tucker hand their stuff to me for proofing, mechanics editing and to bring it in line with the ZS “voice.”

We all have a lot of latitude what we write. There are a few rules – two big ones are no killing NPCs or significantly changing Amarillo without running it by me – but otherwise we do what we like.

Before any of us started writing, we had a lot of phone time about how to build the world, who our protagonist was, what our major themes would be. Now we have phone conferences about every two weeks. We do a weekly check-in on writing progress, and we email/message each other daily for writing advice, help with mechanics, troubleshooting, etc.

All of that to the side, though: you have to work with people you like and trust.

Interesting. I could see you’d almost have to have a regularly scheduled “writing room/story meeting” type of thing over skype or chat or phone. You all know what’s going to happen but separate people write whole sections. I could see this also helping sustain interest in a long game because you’re playing/playtesting parts of the game that you’re not familiar with since you didn’t write them. I can also see you all would need a very clear sense of what the world is and where it’s going. And, like in Fallen London - multiple writers have to write in very similar voice.

Not as much as you think. About half my editing comes down to matching the other writers’ voices up with the game voice. As long as it gets somewhere near the mark, it’s good enough to scrub into shape. And of course we’ve all refined the game’s voice as we’ve gone along.