Writing our own stories? (modding?)

I rather like this game a lot, but have exhausted its reserve of stories. In order to sate my interest, I’ve taken to writing stories of my own; so far I’m a few thousand words into a questline I’ve entirely planned out that spans almost the entirety of the unterzee.

The question is, is there any way to actually put this questline into the game? Is there a console that makes this easy to do, or modding software available that I could use? It’d be fun to put my stuff ingame, even if only I ever saw it.

Hi :)

There is no modding software currently available, but modding can be done by editing Json files

look here for more infos:

here for a guide about the basics:

The process of implementing a story goes beyond simply writing it, as you will have to fit it to the mechanics of the game, and thus understand the whole events and qualities system (this can be challenging, but I will do my best to help you if needed).

Good luck in your project :)