Writing a Vanilla Letter Should be a Free Action in Every Sense

It’s really annoying that I have to burn an action (and a penny) just to be able to inform someone that I won’t be able to accept an invite for tea until later in the week.

Literally the only reason to restrict sending non-mechanically advantageous post that way is to prevent spam… and no one uses social actions to communicate besides me anyways.

Mind saving me some echoes on stamps?

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I do, when I can’t invite someone to coffee or tea, which I do because, if I’m going to be bothering someone I better give them a small benefit to offset it-and the one penny limit really is nothing. It’s one bloody penny! It might as well be nothing to anyone actually looking to send messages. Now the action cost, that I can see, at least on the surface of it-but it does have an advantage-letting you deliver a message to another player-even if it’s not a mechanical one, so that justifies it in my opinion.


How else are we supposed to communicate with other players if not via social actions? It seems that regardless of the social action (e.g. healing wounds) you have a chance to send a message to another player and these all cost an action. I have sent messages asking questions to other players many times using the message box in social interactions. I do agree that a simple message without mechanical benefit should not cost an action but I disagree with, “no one uses social actions to communicate”.


This is just speculation, but perhaps one behind-the-scenes reason it takes an action is to make it harder for a potential bad actor to flood FL’s servers with millions of spam messages between bot accounts.


That’s Very probable, actually: what you described is a very common attack, and honestly that’s a quite clever way of defending against it on fbg’s part.

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Absolute worst-case scenario if that happened would be free mugs of darkdrop and a reversion to the old system.

It just sucks that I have to burn mechanically useful actions on literal niceties.

iirc this is why they even did it in the first place; I’m on a new account now but on my Very Old Days Account I remember there being a lot more server stutters than now. I can’t say for sure, but I suspect that realistically when they implemented the action costs before it went live the servers were already barely holding together.


If I have to send a message I just look to see if the other player comes up on the list for sending a wounds or nightmare menace assist and send the message with that. The action goes towards something useful to the other player.


The only problem is that for that to work the recipient has to be sufficiently menaced first.

The players I exchange stuff with typically are, but yes, that is a limitation.

I also use actions to communicate…who knows, maybe there would be spammers if they made it free

It kind of has a role-playing effect too, as if you’re really using your time to write the message and send it in the game. It doesn’t bother me, but then again I don’t mind advancing the story slowly, my character isn’t even a Person of Some Importance yet.


Ohhhh-enjoy your pre-posi adventures! That was one of the most fan parts of the game for me, although I’m sure many will disagree.

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