Writing a Story for Mr. Pages

Sooooo… I’m new to the forum, and I don’t want to spoil anything, but I just got to a point where Mr. Pages seems to very strongly be suggesting that I head to Veilgarden to pen a conciliatory short story. Only problem is, see, is that there doesn’t seem to be any option to do this. I went ahead and wrote an exceptional short story anyway, in the hopes that this would reveal his plans, but nothing. Am I just supposed to wait around this den of iniquity for an opportunity card? Any advice, delicious friends?

When writing the story, you should see on the ‘publish your story’ page an option for a new story, which requires 50 (I think) potential and no luck check. That’s the one you want. If it isn’t visible, I think you’ve found a bug.

There is a specific option on the Finish a Short Story page for Mr Pages. Sorry, but it’s back to the writing desk for you. :|

It’s called Write the Wilting Dandy’s Story for Mr Pages, and you need 50 Potential for it.

Dang! But thanks folks. I must’ve been blind - I got up to 160 potential, and didn’t see anything!