Wreathed in Shadow Achivement

How does one get this? (The Steam achievement). I tried retiring withotu choosing and past, and I got nothin. Do I have to do one of the &quotalternative endings&quot like opening up the Gate or flying East on a Zepplin?

Also, now that the ambition for the Kingdom is unlocked and shows on teh screen (but says it’s impossible), do you override your old ambition and get the kingdom one, or is it a second ambition? I did the kingdom ambition when it came out last week, and and just finished it tonight (took forever to cart supplies back and forth, you’d think there’d be some faster methods… maybe it bugged out). All I got for it was a &quottrophy&quot of a flag, no in-game achievements. Is that it for it? (This was all before the Memories update BTW).

Thanks for the advice!

Given that, as it stands, 0% of Steam has this achievement… either it’s so secret that no-one’s found it yet, or it’s not implemented yet!

Has anyone completed the Kingdom ambition while wreathed in shadows?

I have! So yes, the achievement works! Don’t know if it works for opening up the Gate or flying East though.

as a related note, I see steam now says for me &quotComplete the game without ever choosing a past&quot under the requirements

I suppose it only works for Aestival and the Uttermost East in the future. It just depends on the ending screen’s color. If you go through Avid Horizon, etc. the ending screen is the same as regular deaths.

That might be a bug. That ending screen is typically reserved for dead captains – if a captain goes beyond the Gates, I wouldn’t consider that the same thing.


Even if the result for going beyond the Gates is a bug I’m happy as it opened up the Labyrinth of Tigers for me :)

It’s definitely treated as a death. You get the rewards, then your crew is reduced to zero, and you get the ‘you have no crew left’ death message.

I have just obtained this achievement by obtaining a kingdom with a character that has no background. Huzzah!
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[li]As a random off-the-cuff question: is there anyway to play a Shadowed Stranger who isn’t bald? Just curious ^^;