Worldbuilder seeking writer

Hello, I was hoping to find a primary content writer to work with on a StoryNexus project (nothing specific, just generally). I’m great at settings and world building, but shaky on large-scale plots and (to a lesser extent) effective game mechanics.

This isn’t meant as a NaNoWriMo thing, preferably a longer-term project, though an established end-point is okay too.

Please post here or PM me if you’re interested

Not that good of a writer myself, but I suggest you explain what kind of world you’re looking to build, what kind if themes’ll be recurrent, and what tone the writer needs to incorporate.
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I’m game for pretty much anything, assuming it’s not x-rated. No preconceived plots from me! Western, historical fiction, horror, spec-fic, what-have-you, all is fine. (I have a couple of concepts, if there’s a plot-y person looking for a prompt, but I’m otherwise pretty flexible).

My problem is that I get too trapped in minor narratives and atmospheric set-up to really develop a gripping plot. Thusly, world building.

Basically looking for someone(s) with the momentum and imagination to keep a story going.
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