World of the Season Autumn 2012 Winners!

World of the Season Autumn 2012 Winners!

We are exceptionally pleased to announce the winners of the first World of the Season competition. There was a splendidly high standard to the entries, and our judges had quite a task in picking the winning worlds. The first and second placed worlds were particularly close.

The winners are:

  • In first place: Samsara, a beautifully written story of dreaming, set in 18th Century Bengal.[/li][li]In second place: Zero Summer, a grim, dusty post-apocalyptic Western set in Texas.[/li][li]In third place: Evolve, charting the evolution of a species from the very beginning.

Congratulations to all our winners, and to the other entrants, who have built marvellous worlds to play through. And many thanks to our erudite judges: Susan Arendt, Jonas Kyratzes and Mike Laidlaw for their assistance and enthusiasm.

We’d also like to mention Maelstrom and The Hour, as two particularly fine worlds that didn’t quite make the top three.

You’ll be seeing more of the winning worlds from now on, as Failbetter will be helping to promote them. So. congratulations again to our winners! Prizes and feedback from the judges will be winging their way out shortly.

Congratulations, everyone! I am very glad Samsara won, it is absolutely the best. =)

Thanks to all at FBG and to the guest judges. I hope you enjoyed yourselves.

Yep congrats all! It was a very interesting list to choose from.

How exciting! And how wonderful to be in such good company.

As a special treat for Zero Summer players, we’ve released an access code for new and existing players. It’s redeemable for a special, one-of-a-kind in-game treat. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it.

But act fast: it won’t stick around forever. And we’d hate for you to miss such a fun little goodie!

Congrats to all winners!

Samsara was my #1, too :) And I definitely have to play more of those other great storygames!

Ah, that reminds me. In the competition thread,
[quote=Caitydid ]Hi everyone. For those of us who enter (but do not outright win), will we be getting any sort of feedback on our games for submitting them?[/quote]
and then [quote=Nigel]We’ll be playing through all the entries, and I hope we’ll be able to deliver solid feedback. We’ll also pass on any feedback that Mike and Susan might want to give.[/quote]

I’d love to get some feedback :)

Now that I’m able to put two sentences together coherently, I need to say a huge thank you to Fail Better Games, the judges, and everyone who play tested or contributed to Evolve. This has been a wild ride, and hopefully it’s far from over. So, really. Thank you!

Congratulations Winners! Samsara was a well deserved win. Everyone worked hard for this, kind of makes me wish we could all have a get together party and celebrate. :)

Well, all we need to do is invent a teleporter, and then it’s easy to get everyone in one place for our party. I’ll bring some local stout. :)

It’s been so amazing since this announcement came out. Massive thanks to all of the fine FailBetter folks and the judges, and the awesome community here.

Adding thanks and congratulations to everyone - ridiculously excited for Samsara and for all the other games entered into the competition! What a great field of entries.

@Becks & Playwithdinos - a Storynexus meetup would be amazing! Are some of us too far flung from London?

The ZS folks are scattered across the US, unfortunately!

I’m stuck up in Derbyshire but I’d find a way to attend a SN meetup in the UK.

Haha wow I was totally kidding about a party, everyone. I’m in Canada and pretty much incapable of any kind of movement right now. :P

No no guys you are approaching this all wrong. What we need is a get together in a RP chatroom, since we are all quite gifted with words. Or even in a free-to-play MMORPG or other 3D environment… Anyone else have IMVU? haha

Seriously though, I would be down with like a party or two in a RP chatroom somewhere, private of course. I say two to help with the huge timezone differences between US and UK, just in case.