World Idea

Hey guys, just started a FL game recently and I love it! I was blown away when poking around I found I could create my own world too! I have an idea in my head for a world, but I am no writer. I am an artist though! I hope if I were to get a writing partner I would be able to supply the art for my idea, or any other creator that would like some visual help with their story.

My simple idea at the moment is one of aprenticeship. It seems to me the tedious grinding of level is wonderfully livened up within FL, and would make being an aprentice blacksmith a fun idea. The idea that your whole career as a master blacksmith can be ruined if certain fundamental skills are chosen to be ignored in the begining by the player while you are just a mere aprentice entrigues me. There are so many variables possible it blows my mind, but there would be haggeling skills, strength, patience, concentration, experience with certain materials/techniques (metals, mythical metals, forge types, tools), items, your own aprentice, rivals, politics, supply and demand, time management/order time limits.

I feel this list could go deeper with an experienced writer, but I think the draw for this would be the challenge of making it, because I want to make it easy to fail. I wonder if this card system would be able to handel the depth of dependence on all these variables at once for one items forging. I think it could be done with multiple steped “quests” but I don’t have much experience with the system used here… I just recently looked at it and really wanted a Youtube tutorial… haha…
Anyways, had to get this idea off my chest and put down somewhere. I hope someone will understand what I am trying to say… mostly I think I just want to be a part of something like this were I could casually submit art to the cause. :) I could see some cool anvil smash shots or furnace views… heavy leather, hammers and tongs… and products… lotsa different products… :D


Yes, I like the idea. It could play well to the human desire for progression - provided it’s balanced right, and doesn’t feel too frustrating.

It’s also a milieu which I suspect will find favour. Vaguely mediaeval things always seem popular to me (though I’ve no scientific evidence to back that claim up), and there’s plenty of scope for a meaty back-story - either realistic (war!) or fantasy (ogres!)

The point about making mistakes at the beginning is an interesting one. It’s all very well to give players an opportunity to make mistakes, but that’s surely only satisfying if they also have the chance to learn from them. So if they can get things so fundamentally wrong, how would you handle the recovery? Do they just have to delete their character and start again? Or does the blacksmith have a son*, perhaps, who can take on a few of the father’s skills but also learn his own?

(* I’m assuming historic realism there. If you prefer to set it in a parallel world where daughters can be blacksmiths too, then more power to your elbow.)

Anyway, yes, I like it. I almost like it enough to want to do a proof of concept, but I don’t really have time. Hope somebody else picks it up :-)


This sounds a bit like my world in which the plot revolves around a story-dictated quasi restart from time to time. It is designed to make you fail humorously but often the negative effects become solutions to other problems!

My world is also vaguely medieval…

yeah I can see how it would be a big let down to lose in the end due to earlier choices, but if there were plenty of hints to be a well rounded blacksmith it would not be so bad. I think it would be a fun twist to HAVE to be a girl, and show up all the guys with your precision over strength techniques… I guess I’m just trying to wrap my head around the possibilities and this is the idea that came out.