Working for the Calendar council?

Hey, i was a bit disappointed in eleutheria. i thought i could actually work for the calendar councel when i join them but it seems just to be there for some nice trades instead for bringing the revolution to the people. Where can i actually find something out about the whole liberation of light thing?

are there some council related quests?
And whats about the khanate? why do they have electricity? where can i find out something about them? i worked a bit for my reputation at the eagles empire but it does also only seem to make some trades available.

As far as i love this game: its a bit sad that all of the ships can be bought right away (if you have the money) and there seems to be no storyline to get special ships (like from the khanate or other people)

If it helps, you can murder a sun in one of the paths of the Truth Ambition, though it has nothing to do with the Calendar Council.

The Khanate in general is considered technologically superior to London and its era, having created electricity when it was still in the Neath. It seems that instead of investing in artificial Judgments and coal, the Khanate favored a more stable and controllable source of light to bring some semblance of law to Eleutheria.

Eleutheria more or less embodies the Liberation of Night. The Dousers, the Halved, that lovely stretch of sheer lightlessness that the Khan somehow thought would make a good back yard–all of these things are directly connected to the Liberation. The Calendar Council, at end of day, is really small fry. You’ll learn more about the Liberation outside of Pan.