Word limit in message boxes.

[li]Hi everyone, sorry if this was already answered (though search did not return any results) - does anybody know if there is a limit on the word/character count in the social actions message boxes? It is just that I have written a nice 600-word letter to the in-game friend, RP and all, but the game seem to never send it - it just stuck at &quotloading&quot hat and when I got tired of waiting (approx. after 15 minutes) and clicked &quotmessages&quot tab there were no sign of sent message. Just to be sure I’ve tried sending courple times more - no result. Tried to send test mesage to another contact, it went through fine. Would really appreciate a hint here. Thanks!

I did encounter that problem a few months ago when I sent a friend a long note to accompany a gift. I haven’t tried sending many other messages longer than a hundred words or so, and I’ve never tried to figure out an exact word limit.

It’s possible that there is a word limit, but it’s equally possible that messages are just buggy when they have to deal with large chunks of text.

I had the same thing happen to me once, so I had to cut down my message for the game to actually send it. Not sure what the limit is, but the longest message I found in my TXT-file was 1883 characters long (348 words), so perhaps the limit is around 2000 characters? I guess one could use an online character counter to find out if there’s a hard limit on successful messages.

Yes, there does seem to be a limit. I sent several long messages around the Feast of the Rose and found out that, if too long, a message wouldn’t be sent at all. Had to break them into two or more parts (or shorten them, to my chagrin).

After having this happen several times recently, I now write my messages in another application, then paste them into FL (or I write them in FL and copy them before sending). If the message is too long then I haven’t lost the text.

[quote=Lady Sapho Byron]… I now write my messages in another application, then paste them into FL (or I write them in FL and copy them before sending).[/quote]By the time I had to shorten/split my message I was already doing that, since that’s the only way I can keep a copy of my own messages. Which might be handy if I’ve forgotten what I wrote by the time I get the reply, and also keeps me from repeating myself (I hope).

[li]Thank you for the answers. I have just run some tests and the limit seems to be exactly 1988 characters, beats me why. Ok, so the task is to convey the descent of my character into the depths of madness in 1988 or less, er, characters. Presently there are 3179. Oh well, there goes the humorous interlude of Talkative Rattus Faber and the Eyeless Skull…[/li]UPD: Minor correction. 1988 characters minus 2 for each linebreak. Again beats me.
UPD2: Ok, this is inconsistent. Same charcounts can be accepted or not depending on… God knows what. Not the amount of linebreaks, certainly, it is the same as well.
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Jeremy, it seems Mr. Stamps, Master of the London post, is a most capricious and arbitrary being. You also realize that since you have dropped a referenced to the Incident of the L.B and the Eyeless Skull you must now relate it on pain of being continually pestered to tell it.

I can’t answer about social actions, but the same problem occurs on simple letters too (which makes sense, the text box must be the same). I tried to send one which contained 2038 characters, it never arrived, and my penny wasn’t spent. I had to split my message into 1398 characters for the first part, 640 for the second part, and everything went smoothly. But that was a bit disappointing for a game which is supposed to rely on texts.

&quotNow, gimme back my undued spent penny, you m… !&quot

Oh, good. Someone asked this already. After having to awkwardly split a message in two, I was going to ask what the character limit was. So obviously, what we need is a character counter or simply a block on adding more words when we’ve run out of space. I’m honestly surprised this is the first time anyone’s really had to look into it, unless maybe there are old threads and different wording. At least, there’s an approximate estimate of character count so we can use workarounds for the time being.

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