Wishlist: save after doing everything in a port

The autosave triggers when you reach a port, but usually, if I’ve had enough, what I want to do is finish all the storylets in the port and then save and quit. Right now, the only way to do that (if you’re playing in permadeath mode) is to hit E twice really fast, which is nonintuitive and wastes fuel. It’d be nice if there were a &quotsave and exit&quot button on the ESC menu, or something like that.

That would be lovely, especially since undocking and redocking risks having the Blind Bruiser send you on an errand you’re not ready for yet.

Actually I like the autosave occurring before. It helps a lot in scouting out storylets.

Agreed. God knows I frequently quit when port storylets don’t go my way.
edited by Golden Caramel Freedom Fries on 7/5/2014