Wines' opinion on new Masters [Ambition Spoilers]

Spoilers for the conclusions of Heart’s Desire and Bag A Legend ahead:

[spoiler] When choosing Power at the end of Heart’s Desire, Mr Wines seems to approve of the player joining the ranks of the Masters.
However, when one kills the Vake in all it’s forms, Wines cautions the player against accepting the Bazaar’s offer to replace Veils.

Is there anything I’ve missed that would explain Wines’ differing opinions, or is the reason as of yet unknown?

edited by Maxi Reigl on 3/7/2021

[spoiler]Its reasons seem to concern the difference of extending the ranks in one case, and replacing someone in the other. It appears that Wines has nothing to say against increasing the number of Masters, but has reservations against replacements. I can’t speculate on its reasons though. It might have something to do with some clause in the Masters’ contract with the Bazaar.

Btw, does the Bazaar actually offer the PC Veils’ place in one of the BaL endings? It didn’t in mine.[/spoiler]
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[spoiler] Not to my knowledge, no. The only line I base this on is [quote=]&quotWe discourage the Bazaar from replacing those Masters who are gone. Now, however, matters may accelerate beyond our control. If the Bazaar should ask your service, we suggest you refuse.&quot[/quote] that Wines tells you when you claim your reward.
AFAIK, the other BaL endings have you receive power from whatever aspect of the Vake you spared (In my case, the surface network of Intriguer Veils)

I especially find the second sentence of Wines’ dialogue interesting. Is the Bazaar anxious? Why would it hurry to replace Veils, to the point where it would act outside the Master’s control? (I know their power over the Bazaar is limited, but normally, they seem to keep it pretty well in check) Perhaps it is related to this one line that you can randomly when collecting your reward for killing Cups at the end of Nemesis:[quote=]&quotOccasionally, the Bazaar emits another mournful, unanswered chime. The Gazette speculates furiously on what it means. The remaining Masters are silent.&quot[/quote]
edited by Maxi Reigl on 3/7/2021