Wine and Tigers

Being in need of some Cellars of Wine (yet lacking many bottles myself, being an abstemious teetotaler of course), I understand they can apparently be had in Coil Four of the Labyrinth of Tigers. Knowing that bibulous Bishop I wouldn’t be surprised; but after plenty of poking around and beast-breeding all I’ve got to show for it are Foxfire Candles and some Incendiary Gossip. Any ideas, delicious friends?

Also, is there a good source of Certifiable Scrap other than gradually getting 1 unit from residence cards? It seems like it would take ages to swap a decent amount with a Relicker even once.

Successfully breeding a Hound of Heaven and delivering it to the Bishop will earn you a Cellar of Wine. As for Scrap, well, higher-level Lodgings can earn you 2, 3 or even 4 Scrap per card. There are other options, but I’m not well up-to-date on those.

Additionally, a invitation action tied to having an Overgoat can give you ten. Most of the other external invitations in various places tend to give a scrap or two as well.

I send all my external invites to @Overgoat, as a matter of course. Poor thing’s probably bombarded with requests to come down to London, sent by fellow goats. Probably thinks the place is a goat paradise.

If you resolve a Watchmaker’s Hill riot as a member of the Velocipede Squad, you gain 7 Broken Giants. Do it 4 times and convert 25 of them to 5 Cellars of Wine.

You can also hit up your crowd of admirers at Veilgarden’s Unfinished Business for 520 Greyfields 1879. Once you gather 5,000 and draw a card offering a presumptuous opportunity, you can exchange them for 24 Broken Giants.

Conversion isn’t just for obtaining upper tier items. It’s good for the constitution and part of a balanced diet.

The Parliament of Bats card will often give you 3 Scrap, but you’re best off getting all the lodgings for a regular scrap income. The Premises at the Bazaar is the one that gives you 4 per action.

Also there is an opportunity card that turns up in the Flit - gives 20 scraps and takes some connected Urchins.

A riskier choice is to use any of the Mr. Cups’ Relickers cards to have them recertify double armful of scraps. If you’re lucky you’ll get 20 scraps, if you aren’t you’ll lose 18. The probability appears to be 50/50 so you’ll earn 2 scraps on average.