Windowed Mode Bug, eep...

Ok so I cannot take sunless sea out of windowed mode. I cannot untick the box and hit accept in the settings, hitting accept does nothing. If I press atl+enter I loose my mouse. But if I plug in a moniter into my laptop and do alt+enter then it’s fine. I feel like this is a problem with my computer but I’m not sure.
[i]edited by Carol Liddle on 7/10/2014

And I worked it out. So it was my computer. Turned out windows 8 was projecting to a device that wasn’t there causing some sort of video bug, nothing to do with the game. Sorry false alarm. If this happens to anyone else just go to devices and project and select &quotdevice screen only&quot. And that will shut off any projections to ghost monitors.[/i]
edited by Carol Liddle on 7/10/2014