Will we ever see the Elder Continent?

With the long-locked &quotPort Carnelian&quot option in sailing, I always assumed there’d be some way to lead an expedition into the Elder Continent proper—we’ve got all those Passphrases sitting around, Feducci invites the player to visit, the Dilmun Club want to sponsor an expedition, all that old stuff with the Face Tailor, etc… especially with Sunless Sea showing us all the ports on the coast, but nothing of the mysterious Continent itself. With the new Port Carnelian content, we get to see the port—which is quite a nice bit of atmosphere, but as far as I can tell entirely self-contained in its small amount of story, and doesn’t seem to lead anywhere. And it’s the same place we see in SS—all port, no jungle (I know the focus of FL has been more on London, with very little on the sea itself, but there’s a fair bit more of exploring to do in the Southern Archipelago and Polythreme, as the game focuses more on what’s on land).

Does anyone know if there are any plans to eventually take us into the Continent proper?

Well yes, it’s in the works. The Dilmun Club is hellbent on setting up an expedition into the Elder Continent to find the secret of death in the Neath. Chances are they will want you to tag along, and chances are the trail will be fraught will peril at every turn. The Dilmun Club is currently incomplete content, no doubt once it opens up we will have our answer and the chance to risk everything.

Let us be frank, the Elder Continent is perhaps the single most dangerous location in the entire Neath if you don’t count Hell itself. The Presbyterate will not tolerate trespass, the water itself in some places will kill you and who can say what else lives in the shadow of a mountain that emits immortality and light?

edited by Owen Wulf on 6/12/2015

It seems inevitable that we’ll get to explore the continent to some degree.
Actually approaching the mountain of light itself is more doubtful, it’s one of the destinies players can get, so if it were to ever happen, it would likely mean the true end of that character’s story. Unlikely to be an option when Ambitions aren’t even finished!

Sure, eventually, but likely not for a while. The Carnelian Coast is at the very outside of the continent proper. Reaching the depths would require a preposterously involved expedition, or a shorter expedition going from the Apis Meet port in Adam’s Cape. They don’t really permit people to stay ashore at Apis Meet, so good luck there. You could also zail all the way up Adam’s Way, but, ha! Not really possible there :P