Will I lose my red honey in Empire of Hands?

Quick question.
I get the option to use &quota frozen drop&quot of red honey in Empire of Hands.
My hold description of my red honey says I have 10 vials so a drop seems reasoanble…
Will ALL my red honey will get consumed if I choose to use it for the monkey tomb quest?

Do you know what red honey is and how it is made? Why would a random drop of red honey help you here?

You need a specific drop, with a specific memory.

If memory serves, this whole questline is very handholdy, and tells you exactly who you need to talk to in order to proceed.
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As I recall, the frozen drop of red honey is in the tomb - it doesn’t come from your hold (I completed that quest, and did no red honey trading with that captain). So you should be just fine.

It’s not in the tomb, exactly, but it is nearby, and unrelated to any honey from the Isle of Cats.

Empire of Hands is fascinating and there is more than one way through that particular story/

There are two places you can get the specific red honey for the tomb - the first option isn’t in the tomb but the second is.

Right but,

You can only reach the second option if you’ve already solved the puzzle.

You don’t have to solve the second puzzle there is another way. By the way has anybody had the patience for the Tower of Hanoi puzzle or do they use the alternative destructive shortcut

Suffice to say that the writer is evil for doing what he did when you try… at least in my play-through

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I thought the tower of hanoi puzzle was just there for people who really wanted RSI :)