[Wild Words]

This thread is meant as a neathy equivalent of 4chan’s /b/ and similar kitchen sinks. I don’t wanna start a new thread every time i encounter something that begs to be shared with this community, especially since it’s usually something stupid. Of course, all are welcome to contribute!
For now, allow me to start by sharing this scoop:
Did you think the Flukes’ only contact with FASHION is executed via rubbery wo/men? Well, think again!

The viking helmet <3

Oh come on. I have about a thousand Bessemer Steel Ingots and like 35 Railway Steel, and the only way to cash either of them in is by selling one unit of Railway Steel at a time on a particular card at the last station? Ugh, fine, I guess I’m drawing all my cards in the upper river for the foreseeable future.

Maybe there will be some way to spend it at Zee, e.g. selling it to a Khanate inventor or something.

That’s actually an invaluable piece of much appreciated information – i.e. don’t hoard!

[quote=Ragnar Degenhand]That’s actually an invaluable piece of much appreciated information – i.e. don’t hoard!

Though hoarding has proven useful in the past, e.g., in finishing Ambitions. It seems to me that part of the challenge of the game is deciding what to hoard and what not to hoard.

And while we’re at it, why do the devils give me Silent Souls for my Railway Steel? Like the sidebar says, Hell doesn’t export souls

Maybe the Silent ones are just kinda worthless to most devils? Can’t get a rise out of the b___ers, so what’s even the point in keeping 'em, right?

Just found out the latin name for Dogbane is Apocynum. By extension, the taxonomic family it (along with oleander) belongs to is Apocynaecea. Mere coincidence with Apocyan?

I believe it is indeed a coincidence.

As a classicist: yes.

Does it bother anyone else that “Nurse a friend back to health” is a more effective way to heal them than giving them a sip of Hesperidean Cider? What kind of medicine are you meant to be bringing?

Why is Polythreme even called that? It basically means “Eats-a-lot”, but this is one of the Neath’s least eating-themed locations.

Why are new lab experiments always introduced when I’m precisely in the middle of a Cartographer’s Hoard?