Wild Backstories (Contest & more)

Here is the perfect spot for making up, and talking about your crazy backstories. Shure. Failbetter games gave us Ambition, and what no, but where would you tell everyone that your character ventured down to the Neth to find the best mushroom soup? And then their ticket back got stolen by a Fisher-King?

Or that you are determined to make a giant splash in high society, by testing how high can you make your scandal go?

Try to one-up other people’s backstories, and when the time is right, I shall announce a winner! (Prizes will go to the wildest backstory, mort batty-backstory, a CATastrophic background, and a Mushreed history.)

(Sorry for any bad grammar, English is my second language.)
edited by DragonMoon(: on 7/31/2020

And the contest starts now!

I am a golden retriever puppy wearing a top hat. I have thicc eyebrows and a deep voice (think Morgan Freeman and not like a demon).

My Gentleman Butler (human and gloriously mustached) carries me around on a regal pillow. He helps me gesticulate by moving my paws.

One day, I decided I would kill Mr. Eaten because of a misunderstanding involving a stick. I would collect 7 hepta-goats and journey to Avid Horizon.

I obviously failed to collect the goats, but I still made it to Avid Horizon. I turned back to get the Sevenfold Knock, what I had previously thought was a Sevenfold Stick- a stick bent 7 ways inwards, much like a frisbee. A stick-frisbee, if you will.

I then came to understand the plight of Mr. Eaten and, so, I decided to avenge him. I was extremely happy that my ambition (Bag A Legend) coincidentally happened to use the Sevenfold Knock.

I spared no mercy. Mr. Candles, you have been avenged.