Wiki Needs some Love

Okay, so there’s an official sunless skies wiki (Here) But I’ve noticed it really, really needs some love. Yes, we’re in an early build of the game, but it still would be nice to have a more complete version of the wiki, especially as this is a Failbetter Games game. (meaning, it’s hard, grindy, and a lot wants to kill you.)

I used a lot the wiki playing Sunless Sea… until the point nothing was surprising or misterius anymore. Though I agree with you when you say that the wiki need more love, I recomend avoiding it to feel the game more intriguing. I have promissed myslef no to check the wiki for Sunless Skies ever :)

The wiki is how I learned of the ending of the Jack Case where you kill him off.

Wikis are community projects, so once we have the full release (very soon now), there will likely be more contributors. Personally, though, a cursory look at the wiki seems like it’s doing well so far: the design is fairly aesthetic and even articles marked as Stubs have a decent amount of mechanical information.

Thanks for the easily accessible link, though.

I figure that there will be more info when the game releases and all of the ports solidify. Titania has changed pretty drastically since early access began, and it’s very possible that pages on some other ports or mechanics will be very outdated by the 31st.

FYI - why is the wiki labeled as &quotThe Official Sunless Skies Wiki&quot? Was there official endorsement of it by FBG? (same question, actually, for the Sunless Sea wiki).

For comparison, the Fallen London wiki clearly states in its header that it’s an unofficial wiki (to ensure that the wiki readers know that 100% of the content is fan generated and not to be taken as formal information from the game creators).
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Wiki does need some fine-tuning.

How will I possibly understand what the heck is going on in Worleybury-juxta-Mare?

Where can I find an explanation for that thing at the end of the Traitor’s Woods storyline? Speaking of which, is the old version of the questline now just lost to all after being scrapped, never to be read again?

And how will I ever find out how to best min-max my game without knowing which place gives the best reward for depositing Percy?

All of these questions… unanswered… and impractically long-length-ed.