Who's that Player? Why, it's [insert character name]!

So I was bored one lazy day (which by the way, happy May) and thought, hey, I know who and where my characters usually hang out in London. What about everyone else? Just curious. For some, this may be notably similar to the post “Your characters’ appearances?”, as some responders have listed their characters’ personalities, though I think all the internal traits deserve their own thread. As always with topics like this, feel free to add your reasons why. This post might as well end up with half the responses being Revolutionaries, but hey, give it a go:

Where do your Neathy selves like to relax, work, cherish their lives? Who are they associated with? Players? Factions? Anything inanimate, or at least presumably so?

I’ll start with my selves. a mere fool enjoys the presence of Zailors, fellow Urchins, and the occasional Rubbery Man. He is thrilled with anything adventurous, scientific, and artistic (though he is repulsed at the idea of a Bohemian lifestyle); so, say, Zeefaring, the Laboratory, and the Bone Market respectively. He is associated with The Clay Tailor Club, a clumsy but earnest Correspondent, and will absolutely never let go of his Gant Bowler of Fiduciary Responsibility upon any circumstances whatsoever. The Great King, like any respectable (and dreaded, but that is irrelevant) gentleman, is both intrigued and apathetic of Societal persons. As the “achiever of legends”, he is determined to overthrow the Bazaar and is very much acquainted with Revolutionaries. He supports the ideology of Benthic College, though the Laboratory isn’t exactly of interest to him. Instead, as a Silverer he is fond of Parabola, and is just fine whiling away the time seeking bones for reassembling in exchange of his services along with attending parties as one of Some Importance. He likes to twirl his Bejewelled Cane on strolls with a mere fool, and is strangely somewhat fatherly of his good friend. He flaunts his sense of humor and ironic scaredy-ness as a member of The Young Stags’ Club.


here we go, here we go, time to ramble about my pc :D (thank you for the thread!!)

The Esoteric Correspondent is absolutely enthralled by the Neath and all it has to offer. Anywhere that promises answers to questions he wasn’t even aware he had, anywhere that offers new paths of discovery regarding the Neath’s history if not its very nature, he will be there. He is as likely to be expanding his studies within his treasured laboratory as he is to be trekking within the Forgotten Quarter in search of artifacts, or to be at zee, scribbling archae/palaeontological notes as he charts familiar waters again and again and occasionally dropping by the Khanate to bask in their completely different way of living (and to see real grass again). He also loves tracking and capturing creatures in Parabola, or going on campaigns through the Neath’s dreamed history therein, but finds it too taxing on his mind to do regularly. His newly-completed railroad offers even more avenues to explore that he often takes advantage of (he has a love-hate relationship with Moulin and the Hurlers). Most known to fellow players of the Great Game, it is not uncommon for his jaunts around different areas of London and beyond to be peppered with spywork.

For more leisurely activities, they are a creative at heart. They love their job as a Correspondent, as it is both an opportunity to put their quill to paper and to further their ability in the fiery language of the stars. Between employment commissions they write short stories, and when in need of funds their first destination is the Shuttered Palace to write a novel or compose a symphony.

(Nemesis spoilers!) He also regularly meets with his revived brother, building up familiarity once more, but the immutable knowledge that they will never have what they once did makes this equally soothing and crushing.

In terms of clubs they are associated with the Parthenaeum, mainly to both help fund their Railway and increase their respectability in order draw attention from their more… unconventional mannerisms and activities (I have used the Opportunity Card to lower Suspicion many, many times). In terms of inanimate objects, they almost never remove their Sun-Seared Silken Gloves; wearing them is their only way to feel the Sunlight that has been lost, and they habitually never bare their hands in public due to them being mostly burn scar tissue from overambitious Correspondence studies.


ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boy, let’s go go go, time to rant a ton! imma be honest with you, this might sound extremly similar to @Atlas_J ‘s pc, but that’s because we play very similar Characters-actually, i think ol’ jack and the esoteric correspondent might have be friends should they ever meet.

THE GREAT JACK WALKER loves the neath more than he ever loved the surface, and not just because he hated that place: all the wonderful places, the secrets, the culture of lands across the zea, the secrets, the fasinating floora and foona, the secrets, the unique weapons and armour he finds and the diffreant styles of fighting he studies, the secrets…you see the theme here. he knows shit. unfortunately, he has to spend most of his time in london, but there’s plenty for him to do there too. he spends most his time jumping between monster hunting, mostly for fun and a little for profit, partying with his partners and his friends and manipulating half of the important politicians in london too keep himself out of jail, whice barely works, but it does! he also enjoyes delving into the sunken emmbassy to Search for anything to sell back to hell, who he has a rathor unhealthley close working relationship with, but that is a secendery hooby.

speaking of monster hunting-that is his favorite thing! well, killing things in general, but monsters are the most fun, certainly! they’re dangerous in a way that surface creatures or humans simply cannot live up too: every time he kills a monster, he learns more and more about them-every time he almost loses a limb he improves, and every time he kills something new he gets to rip into it’s body and analyze it’s inner workings. he loves everything about his profession, for it appeals to the very core of his soul, and he wouldn’t swap it out for anything else.

in terms of clubs, he’s a member of the young stags, Although he’s starting to drift away from them lately, and in terms of inanimate objects, he often wears the shrenken down crown of a grand devil purchased in the fruits of the zee festivel which simbolizes, to him at least, power reclaimed by the masses from those who lord over them. he also has an infernal rifle he constructed himself in his lab that he carries by his side nearly everywhere he goes and an impressive collection of weapons besides, ranging from shives to garish fireworks.

sorry for the wall of taxt, i tend to eiter ramble or say nearly nothing and this seemed like a rambling situasion so…


Ah, no, no, you’re free to ramble here.

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