Who's getting a Noman this year [Jan 2023]?

  • No Noman
  • A Noman with no particular goal
  • A Noman who will become an Elemental Secret
  • A Noman who will become a Tattoo
  • A Noman who will last even longer

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As one of your local Noman Nuts (is that the term? That’s probably the term), I’m curious how people are feeling about getting a Noman next month! For clarity of the poll, select what you plan to do even if it may be subject the whims of Noman melt-rates, and if your Noman will become a Tattoo and then an Elemental Secret, select the Tattoo because that’s (slightly) more prestigious.

What’s “even longer” than the tattoo parlour? Well, nothing specific as far as we know, but most of the year has never seen a Noman before, so who knows? Plus, there’s always the sense of accomplishment and accompanying bragging rights of having an extraordinarily long-lived Noman.


There were two that made it to the middle of April, but there was nothing indeed! :(

And how can people not make a Noman?! I can’t wait to make mine, wait one day and reach a total of 366 days lived! Our white friend should experience as many things as possible!

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I can’t bear to make another Noman, simply for the knowledge that it is doomed to an early death.


Other: A Noman who will go down a well. Instantly