Who Were You? Story Options

Hey i just bought and started Sunless Sea and was wondering are their going to be future additions to the backgrounds as i really am not sure which one to pick. My FL character was like a spy sort of and i wanted my character to resemble that (maybe like a fellow spy) so i was wondering is their a background that leads to like intrigue, secrets, and mystery or does it not matter and i should just pick a damn character[li]

Just pick a character, there really aren’t that many built-in character builders yet aside from the story in your own head.

ahh thank you

and yes i will and try to make it match the story in my head because I’m pretty sure I’m delusional and insane but thats pretty much Fallen London in a nutshell =)

Fallen London urchins are often recruited into esoteric circles such as spy rings, and the bonus to Veils from the urchin background fits the whole spy thing in my opinion.

edited by Owen Wulf on 8/3/2014

Agreeing with previous posters re: the Urchin background if you’d like your character to have spent their pre-zee days involved in intrigue. The boost to your initial Veils stat is also a pretty nice bonus, assuming you are not going for the immediate Combat bonus that being a Veteran brings.