Whitsun planner and Penny calculator


Quick update for 2023 for the planner sheet! Please pop a message if you spot any mistakes!

As a question, would you pick a Bellic item or the Zeefaring boots? I had in plan on getting the boots, but the new items look pretty neat even if they don’t have great stats.


Which is the most desirable or ‘hard to get’ advanced skill? Mithridacy? Red Science?

Since I’m a non-Fate player, I’m only looking at the Aged and Percipient options.

I think that depends on your play objectives. If you do a lot of Zeefaring (as I do) for example, you may want to prioritize either Monstrous Anatomy or Kataleptic Toxicology, since those qualities are useful in reducing a certain Zee menace. Consider carefully whether an item you’re considering fits in a slot for which you have no boosting items (I have screwed up and failed to do this in the past). Check the Whitsun Guide in the Wiki; it appears to be current to this year already (Kudos to whoever helped update it!).