Whitsun 2024

Any chance we have an official confirmation on when it’ll be this year that I’ve missed? I’m afraid I’ll bank on it being early May and be caught blindsided! Hahaha!

And on a similar note, is there any grinding that’s necessary before the event to enjoy Whitsun?


About pre-event grinding: it depends somewhat on your goals for the event. If you want to hatch a creature every day you could store some items necessary for buying, aging and invigorating eggs. Same if you’re looking for sartorial augmentations or some of the other possibilities we have with eggs. The wiki guide for Whitsun offers details on exactly what those necessary items are. As far as I remember they aren’t very difficult to grind for a mid game player (PoSI or even a bit earlier).
If you’re a long term player who has missed previous Whitsuns you could grind for a Vial of Masters’ Blood to exchange it for a valuable item only available on Whitsun (Crimson Book). You could also milk your hellworm a lot because now is also the time to set up the year long wait for a different, Hellworm related, valuable item (Cheese).
If you’re relatively new, which I’m guessing is the case since you’re asking this question, and you are also Fate-free I strongly advise you to keep your Ha’ppenys for next year. Do all you can without Ha’ppenys for now. Two years worth of Ha’ppenys allow you to buy an item to access powerful companions, tier 4 of each kind of egg to be exact. Ha’ppenys can only be obtained via an allowance of 3 each year (or so it was in previous years), or buying them with Fate during the festival.


Started this account in August at the end of Estival, and am halfway through the railway, but new enough, sure.

I am not! I have EEF and usually spend about $25-50 for a festival to get some cool gear to make the grinds more fun :>

My plan for this year is to (hopefully) get the Device, possibly the Inculating Kraken, the Birdskin Gloves, Auroch Fur Coat, Iguana Skin Boots, Vigilant Chitin-Fur Boots and the Coolflame Quill, although if there’s new gear I may reevaluate. Obviously it’ll depend on which eggs are easily available though.


I’m both of those, so thanks for the advice!

Could you expand on the egg mechanic, please? Don’t know how the festival works.

(Apologies for the deleted post! I was writing up a list of places to farm every resource used for eggs/augmentations for very early players, but misclicked and sent it before it was ready to go. And then, in the middle of re-typing it, I realized I was missing a bunch of augments anyway, so…)

Anyway, I’ll add to anthony’s very good post that if, like me, you’ve dragged your heels on finishing Making Your Name, this is a very good time to progress those stories and get their respective areas unlocked. Mahogany Hall (A Name Whispered In Darkness) and the Labyrinth of Tigers (A Name Scrawled In Blood) are a PITA to open up, in particular.


Per Whitsun (Guide) - Fallen London Wiki, the best rewards from hatching eggs require them to be “thrice augmented”, but you can only reach that level if you have the Highly Illegal Experimental Augmentation Device (Probably), which costs 5 Amber Ha’pennies. Each player only gets 3 free ha’pennies each year, so if you’re a non-fate player, you need 2 years worth of coins to get the device.

There’s still plenty of the festival to enjoy without spending your ha’pennies (2 types of egg are available with regular currencies which gives you 12 potential companions to breed, at 23 hours hatching time per egg).


Really? You’re new? You stroll around the forums like a seasoned veteran pickpocket in the streets of Blythenhale. Well, I suppose I’m the same.

Anyways, adding to robm, there’s an additional Sartorial and Bellic augmentation. These cost three Ha’pennies each, and I think they’re mutually exclusive, but these upgrades are almost always worth it. (They all take something other than your companion slot.) There’s also Social eggs, but those companions are pretty much garbage all the time. Here’s an entire tierlist of each Whitsun item: fallenlondon.wiki/wiki/Whitsun_(Guide)/Item_Comparison


Thanks for linking that, I’m combing through it now for some updates because it appears not to have been updated for the new Estival items last year, so I imagine it’s also missing Hallowmas companions.


…thank you, sir/madam/admiral(can I get your pronounes btw)? Is that a compliment? Also a definite thank you for your advice and the link.

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er, Si-, er, Mad-, er, yes. Yes. I actually did think you were in the forums for much, much more than a few months.


Okay, thank you!

I’m told I adapt to new environments quickly, so perhaps this is why? Regardless, it’s fine, of course.


Yes, though it’s certainly not a bad habit to do. Your confidence is impressive. And you’re welcome for the information, as always. :)

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(I will now begin quoting random things to avoid the dumb rule. “Of course I’m an insufferable little shit-it’s part of my charm!”)

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Does anyone know when, exactly, does this start? I looked at the wiki article but couldn’t find anything.

Historically starts at 9-11th of May. 9th looks more probable for this year since it’s Thursday.


Thank you waterpls

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12 days! 12 days! 12 days! let’s gooooo!

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…actually it’s 21 days, but oh well! still soon enough!


I wonder - it seems likely this Whitsun will add new items, so that people have a reason to buy more amber ha’pennies even if they’ve got everything, and the Adornment slot was just added. Maybe this year we’ll get an equivalent to the Bellic Augmentation, some Enlightened-only Adornment items?


I can’t wait to hatch an entire crew for my new airship out of those eggs