Whitsun 2024 - Egg Trading!

Done! Thanks Baronessofbats

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I could send you those for 4 Pelagic, Enlightened (Exuberant Batling). Would that be good for you?

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Only have a couple ha’Pennie’s to work with this year.

If you can, thank you. Otherwise I wish you all the best in your quest for an army batlings!

If you only have the free 3 ha’pennies to spare this year, I think I can work with that. It’s a bit at my disavantage, the percipient being at premium this year, but I don’t mind helping a fellow Fallen Londoner. So, the two you asked for 3 of my batling, does that work?

Yolks! Failed at egg math. :flushed:

Hm… Invested in a few more. Can always use them next year.

Four batlings it is then!

Unless you’re spending real money, why not save those ha’pennies and use them to get the Illegal Device, or one of the clothing or equipment on offer? Don’t waste them on eggs.

Not surprising, Fallen London have a lot of math, but egg math are horrendous. Something about the shapes of them, you see, that distract peoples from basic mathology. A weird ovaloid shape instead of a perfectly good sphere, preposterous! Mr. Page shall not hear the end of it!

Anyway, I’ll try to sent you one soon. Since it’s the first time I do any social action, I’m not exactly sure to do it right, so please confirm that you did received it, and I’ll sent you the other.

And to answer to our dear fishandchips, getting those little flying crtitters is definitely the best use of my money. I currently stand at a 7960 Echo worth of Bat with Atttitude, and I shall not disclose how many of my canadian dollars I invested for the batlings.

Edit: Ah, it seems I can’t sent one yet, I currently have a egg to hatch. Apologies, having missed Whitsun last year, this year is my first. You should receive it tomorrow though. Again, sorry for the delay.

Tried to send you one, but it didn’t work. Not sure, but I think I heard that we can’t receive social actions in some place? Are you not in London, dear Londonist? Anyway, I’ll try again next night.

Ah ok. I was poking around inside the rat market area.

There! Sent you the enlightened percipient egg! Just tell me you did indeed received it, and I’ll send the other one.

I see it. Thank you.

I will send you batling eggs soon as my actions refresh again.

Would you like me to send to the account that sent me the egg or do you have another account?

Feel free to message me in game.

Hey, so sent you your second egg. I totally forgot to attach a message mentioning it, but yes it’s the same account to sent me my little batling. Anyway, hope you’ll be happy with your new critters! I sure will be happy with mine!

Thank you again! Enjoy your fuzzy furry critters!

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