Whitsun 2023 is here!

Eggs all over London – in bath tubs, balanced on chimneys, nestled in sofas, tucked in the holds of docked ships. And they’re vast ones, the size of a beer barrel, an over-rounded dog, a prize-winning marrow.

This year, a new kind of augmentation is available in Watchmaker’s Hill – a Bellic Augmentation! This threatening augmentation promises to turn your eggs into weapons. (Why anybody would wish to do this is currently unclear.) At present, only invigorated eggs are hardy enough to survive the process.

All of last year’s Whitsun items are available again this year, though Scarlet and Pelagic eggs cost one Amber Ha’Penny to buy. Once again, you will get three Ha’Pennies at the start of the festival, with the ability to obtain more for Fate. Spend them wisely.

Acquire an egg. Apply augmentations to it, if you like. Why not? The d___ed things are everywhere, and while London is hardly short on distractions, they’re wonderfully novel – though they do take up quite a bit of space in your parlour.

Incubate eggs, one at a time. What will happen when they hatch? Who knows! Each will take 23 hours to hatch unless you, ahem, assist it.

What else to do with them? Try sending one to a friend. Surely no more dangerous than a boxed cat!

Also: there’s a gathering of gourmets who will sample almost anything: the Apicius Club. These connoisseurs of novel flavours are reconvening for the festivities, and willing to take all manner of delicacies off your hands, including but not limited to these tempting, giant ova. Look for ‘De Gustibus in Whitsun’ at Ladybones Road to make their acquaintance.

Employ SCIENCE to further your egg experiments!

Purchase a Highly Illegal Experimental Augmentation Device (Probably) in order to get the very most out of your eggs, or investigate them in your University Lab to learn more about their mysterious origin.

Whitsun begins today, 11th May 2023. From the 22nd, at 14:00 BST, you will no longer be able to buy further eggs. You will be able to incubate and hatch eggs until the 25th, at 14:00 BST – after which, to prevent a dreadful stench, all eggs will be removed.

Enjoy your eggs!


So just to check I know what’s up, the Bellic augmentation is the new thing for this year, the rest is just rotation?

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If you turned in any Hellworm Milk last year, you should be able to collect the results this year.

Regarding the new augmentation: yes, that appears to be the only new egg-related thing this year. There are four new weapons you can get from it, one for each type of egg. So far I’ve only gotten two of them, from the eggs that don’t cost Amber Ha’pennies.

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My one gripe about the Eggs will always be that the Sartorial Augmentations for the Pelagic Eggs aren’t a Scarf and Gloves.

Also I’m Speculating about whether 2024 will give Bellic Augmentations to Enlightened Eggs, or if it’ll be different thing entirely that lets you make them Home Comforts.

The wording strongly implies they’ll fill out the Enlightened Bellic eggs next year. But I’m curious how that will go with the Mesmeric Parasol, which is already a Weapon.

I’d guess that the Enlightened Bellic Weapon stats would be two that give 8’s in Persuasive [Pelagic and Scarlet], and the others are Watchful [Percipient] and Shadowy [Aged].

For me, this year’s Whitsun is for hatching the four pets (Aged, Percipient) that were not done in 2021 due to a lack of time (and I had no Illegal Device for the third augmentation back then).

I bought the Illegal Device last year, now I have 4 Amber Ha’pennies. Not too sure what I will spend them on this year… Sartorial or Bellic augmentation? I will check back later.

Also, I just noticed this:

If you break open or smash open an egg that costs an Amber Ha’penny, breaking open that egg recovers you the penny, both in the success and the failure case.

So I guess I will be cracking some eggs to stock up on various consumables. Unlike hatching, cracking does not require waiting time.

On the one hand, the lack of new eggs and therefore pokemon Red Science-based pets means I won’t be too involved this Whitsun. On the other hand, I’m pleased to say that not only have I finally collected 7 Sealed Copies of the Crimson Book but I have at last served the Apicius Club my Hellworm cheese-and provided them with yet more milk for next year.

And now I’m really curious about what actually dying from this stuff looks like.


A few other new things this year:

  • At Mrs Chapman’s boarding house in Spite, people (including Mrs Chapman) have a few things to say regarding the eggs.

  • Both the ring and the sabre (obtained from the Bellic Augmentation) have new storylets at the university and at zee, respectively.

  • The card ‘An invitation to Linger’ has some flavour text about Whitsun (I’m not sure if this is new to this year, or was available last year).

  • There is a new storylet at the Apicius Club if you can somehow manage to keep your Noman alive until Whitsun


In regards to the companions gained from trading eggs via social action, does anyone know the consequences for rejecting a sent egg? Is it like Feast of the Rose where the item is added to the sender’s inventory instead? Is the cost just refunded? Is your amber ha-penny and egg just lost to the void?

Tomorrow I will hatch my final 3x-augmented critter (the ones I didn’t get in 2021 due to a lack of time and I had no Illegal Device then). After that, it’s all about cracking open eggs to get some items.

I also sacrificed 7 Notability to get a Vial of Master’s Blood. The reason?

Now, if only that very elusive Slowcake’s Amanuensis would appear, so I can slowly climb back up the Notability social ladder…

What premium item did everyone get this time? Sartorial or Bellic? I’m still undecided.

For me the choice between Sartorial and Bellic was a no-brainer. As things stand now, presuming you only have the 3 free ha’pennies, bellic item stats break down as follows: +1 KT which is easily replaceable with an item from Hearts’s game, +1 MA which is easily replaceable with an item from FotZ, +1 Zeefaring which has not one but two relatively easy replacements, one from the Grand Digging and another from the Khanate, +1 for Mithridacy which is also easily replaced, albeit temporarily, by a week long mood available during the Railway storyline. Basically everything bellic has a Fate free alternative that an endgame player can get to pretty easily. If stats are what you’re looking for, that is. Coolness is unquantifiable and I haven’t really looked into the choices Bellic items open up in other parts of the game but I don’t expect anything vital.

Later edit: I went for the Ushanka this year for a grand total of 18 modified KT on my character. Last year I got the Moray Heels, which have made Zeefarer much easier in certain segments.

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I went for Mithridacy weapons to get 100% chance on chimeras without Mood or profession. I have all other items or alternatives though.
I also got 19 copies of Crimson book. Going to sell them for love stories for balmoral paintings.


I went with the Red Science boots, because apparently I’m collecting any and all boosts to RS, to become the ultimate reality-breaker.


When my nightmares were too high, (like 7-9), I ended up in a special place. It was pretty interesting.

You can’t die in this game, far as I know. But the worst consequence I’ve ever seen, is getting a permanent criminal record from Suspicion being too high. Damn those Urchins in the Flit, I’m innocent but they did a robbery and tripped me on their way out, the Police found me there at the scene and the rest is history.

Is anyone interested in trading sent eggs? I’m looking to round out my collection of batlings.

While happily breaking open eggs, I refreshed the page and the egg merchant has vanished. That means the end of Whitsun approaches. Perhaps I should have bought more eggs beforehand. No biggie.

Anyway it has been a fruitful Whitsun 2023 for me:

  1. Hatched the remaining 4 3x-augmented pets I didn’t get in 2021 as I didn’t yet have the Illegal Device.

  2. Bought the Vigilant Chitin-Fur Boots with 3 Ha’pennies.

  3. Did research on a few eggs and maxed out KT and Red Science.

  4. Fed De Gustibus two eggs.

  5. Exchanged a Vial of Masters’ Blood for a Crimson Book.

  6. Cracked open many eggs, received many goodies.

Now I will take my actions elsewhere, and especially to raise my Making Waves and Notability again, because of point #5 above.


I too had a very productive Whitsun, at least for a non-fate player. I used one of my alternate characters to gift to my main the illegal device and then my main got a sartorial item and a companion both of which granted Kat. Tox. which ups his modified KT to 15 which allows him to 100% the checks in his professional activities which I am using to very slowly grind toward a Hellworm. In addition, my main got about 11 other companions from the two egg types available for free.

My alt was gifted by someone else (thank you very much) with an illegal device and hatched 12 useful companions. In addition, he raised his artisan of red sciences from 2 to 5 by studying aged eggs, Then he raised his red science cap to 6 and then to 7 with the lab research projects and got his unmodified red science up to 7. Lastly, he used his just hatched Acicular squirrel and lab projects to raise K.T. from 5 to 7. It is remarkably simple using the Acicular squirrel to raise K.T. It is basically one C.P. of K.T. per action.

A very productive Whitsun holiday for both characters.

I spent about 50000 jade fragments and more appalling secrets than I cared to count on buying, invigorating and smashing aged eggs trying to get a Monstrous Orb.

All in vain. I now have enough skeletons and thigh bones to put the Paris catacombs to shame.

I regret nothing.

All that’s left now is to start gearing up for next year’s Whitsun. Luckily, even if the egg costs a Ha’penny you get the penny back when you smash the egg open so at least I don’t have to worry about spending Fate.


Bought myself a Ushanka because I wanted to boost Kataleptic Toxicology.