Whitelist: Display Storylet Prerequisite

My favorite script for Fallen London, the only script I’ve ever used, has now been White Listed!

This script, created by fellow Scarlet Saint Kaanyia, shows the prerequisites for all storylets as text. No need to mouseover to see them. This is how the interface used to work before the UI change in early 2012.
And as someone who still misses the big, red &quotGO&quot button, i’m quite fond of it.
I find it makes navigating many of the prereq heavy storylets a lot easier.
Check it out and see if you like it!

Woo! (If only I could properly install this on Android, where I really need it . . . )

Yeah, the biggest problem is that you can’t use it on Android because latest Firefox Android (and Pale Moon) doesn’t let you install Greasemonkey…