Whirring Contraptions

Am I going mad or has the cost of Whirring Contraptions changed

(warning - possible spoiler)

I was looking to do some scientific exploration with some gentlemen in the city. My work required a number of Whirring Contraptions to be completed.
Following some advice I received, I traveled the streets until I found myself standing before the doors of the workshops of the Great Downward Engineering Company
I went inside to inquire as to the cost to have these made. I made note of what I was told; 200 phosphorescent scarabs & 12 memories of light.

I began traveling about to find what I needed to gather and craft these items. Upon returning to the shop I was stunned to see that the cost appeared to have changed.
It was to be 200 phosphorescent scarabs & 30 memories of light! I was flabbergasted! My work requires dozens of these things!

I left without even having one made. Now before I gave this fellow the sharp edge of my tongue I wanted to confer with other such learned individuals. Has this changed recently?
I know there was the “tiny” adjustment to the economy. ;) I made these inquiries after the change had been implemented.
I wanted to know if somehow I managed to transcribe this incorrectly.
I don’t believe I have gone mad, I have been taking the prescribed doses of laudanum as necessary.
Can anyone address this vexing conundrum?

I’m afraid I’m not qualified to answer the first part of your question. ;-)
Concerning the contraptions: I didn’t notice a price change, and the wikis don’t mention it either.

Might be. Maybe you need a holiday? There are some lovely places across the Unterzee… and if all really is becoming too much, there is always a free room at the Royal Beth. (how big is this hotel?)

They already said they were changing the cost of side street items. It was in a blog-post I think?

While I may not be able to speak to the vagaries of changing commerce, I -can- suggest that - should you be the sort of person who plays the Game, as it were - that a trip through Wilmot’s End to look for certain women might be an easier, and less expensive method of acquiring the mechanisms you seek.

Excellent advice sir. I appreciate you candor in this manner. It appears this will be very helpful