Whirring Contraptions and the Liberation of Night

In pursuing a Contraption in furtherance of legal boat ownership, I noticed that Luminosity Currency was necessary to make the purchase in the sidestreets.

My first major item conversion slightly advanced the Liberation of Night; to say the least, my character is not supportive of this. How do people usually come by Contraptions without advancing the Liberation? Should I explore Wilmot’s End?

Wilmot’s End is your best bet. It’s still the fastest way to get a contraption, and it doesn’t support the Liberation.

Wilmot’s End is your best option, yes.

Alternatively, you could farm honey and then sponsor a captain in the Docks. More expensive, less reliable, less demanding of stats.

I’ve been meaning to start sponsoring captains anyway. For RP purposes it makes no sense for my character to take to sea, but seeking profit as an investor would make sense as to how it would come up. After all, if there are other places worth zailing to then there must be other places worth stealing from.

that reminds me, my main doesn’t actually have anything significant to do except grind for more echos to get back the cost of opening nadir. guess i should go advance the evernight.