Which side to choose?

What’s considered better - Allying with the Big Rat? Or fighting him?

Allying with the Big Rat can bring you criminal opportunities and rare treats from the Elder Continent. Fighting him brings you adulation among your ratty friends, and a few more mundane rewards. Also, he’s a vicious lunatic who’d skin you alive and wear you as a hat. So, your choice.

Look at that albino rat. See how sad she is with her situation. Don’t you want to help her, make her life all better? Go kill the Big Rat.

Siding with the Big Rat gives far better material benefits, so you should probably do that, if you don’t mind the soul-crushing guilt.


Honestly, I do think that the Albino Rat gives better lore rewards, and you’ll outgrow the Big Rat’s material rewards in time. But maybe I’m biased, because I sided with her. It’s your choice, as always.

Hmm… decisions are always hard.

Okay, I want to finish this. The Big Rat will die! And soon!

Thank you all for your help.

I actually think I can’t finish playing with broken toys because I sided with the big rat. I might have just hit a content boundary but I think it might be a greater hassle then that.

Well, I am at the point (though my Eyes of Icarus is still too to pursue it at the moment), where the only Broken Toys card I draw is where I can either grind more Eyes of Icarus, or do… something else… that requires the Albino Rat (and 15 Eyes of Icarus, which is why I haven’t done it yet).