Which club?

I’m trying to decide which club to join, which club is best for high persuasive?

The parthenaeum with persuasive +1, their stats are more BDR than not.

Parthenaeum and proud

It’s also god for entering Foreign Office story if you wish to keep Court dealings active

How can you do that sosisqua? (get into the Foreign Office without giving up the Court) I’m nearly ready to push that button and get tossed out of Court, literally have it down to one action left, but I’m hesitating. If there’s a way to get the Foreign Office material without giving up the Court I really want to know how.

No, that’s not possible. No idea what sosisqua meant, maybe it’s a misunderstanding, but you need to get kicked out of Court to unlock the FO.

That’s what I thought. I must have misunderstood then.

(still don’t wanna press that button though)

Yeah, mate, @phryne is right. I’ve read the game wiki again and saw my mistake. Parthenaeum gives an entrance point to that story but only if you’re Mad, bad and dangerous to know. DAYUM, should have pleased my special tastes with Young Stags. Anyway, menaces reduction options at club respect are good. Generally, you shouldn’t think hard on a such decision. There isn’t new storylet, and you’ll probably see your club’s card not that often since by now you should have quite a hand of opportunities. I’d say, go with BDR stats you need

If you do Heists with any frequency, the Stags gain Dreaded which is handy. (Sorry, missed your request for high Persuasive)
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[quote=Parelle]If you do Heists with any frequency, the Stags gain Dreaded which is handy. (Sorry, missed your request for high Persuasive)
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Actually, the Stags gave Dreaded before Heists became a possibility. They give +2 Dreaded and +2 Bizarre and always have since club membership became a possibility, years ago.

The main advantage of the stags is that bizarre/dreaded boosts are scarcer than respectable. The wine is also handy.

I chose the Stags for In-character reasons, but I’ve been considering switching since the Exceptional Story Featuring them. Not sure if Mathieu would stay with them after seeing what he saw…

I actually joined the stags because of that exceptional story. Early on there’s one option you can only play if you’re in the stags. Nothing huge, but it was enough to make me join the group, at least temporarily until another ES gives me a reason to switch affiliations.

I’m fond of the Parthenaeum because the opportunity card grants you your choice of either 1.5 echoes worth of Whispered Hints or a Suspicion reduction with (I believe) a guaranteed success on either option.

Whereas joining the Stags will provide you a monetary means of increasing your Bohemian / Society connections or a luck challenge that grants you 1.8 echoes worth of Greyfields 1882.
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