Where's my Respectable gone?

I’ve noticed that my making waves cost for notability has increased.

And it seems to be because my BDR has dropped significantly for some reason.
I can’t make out why - removing all my items (aside from destiny/club/ship which I can’t):

I’m on Bizarre +1 (from the Zubmarine)

But the +4 respectable from the parthenaeum doesn’t seem to be applied.

When I stack up my ‘best’ gear:

Parthenaeum: +4R
Zubmarine: +1B
Ray Drenched Correspondence paperweight: +1B
Ratwork Velocipede: +2R +2D
Gods Editors: +4R
Tanned Mask: +2D
Strange Shore parabola suit: +1B
Dire Appendage: +1B
Iron Republic Journal: +1B +1D
Bifurcated Owl: +2B +2D
But my stats block says: D2, B3, R5 for a sum of 10, when I think it should be more like 24.

Is there anything that could be reducing these stats artificially? (Scandal, etc.?).

Or is there something else I’m missing?

Hello! We’re fixing this now!

Lovely, thanks!