Where to next?

Alright, so I’ve been deep into it - I think its fair to say I’m deep in the end game. You can see below my list of achievements and connections, etc. The problem that I have now is where do I go from here? I know other people had made the same style of posts, but whenever I look at them, I’ve generally checked off all the boxes of what should be done next. I know technically I can finish Poet Laurette (I’m only at rank 7) but at the same time, I’m REALLY done with that grind because of what I went through for SotC. My base stats are 152/116/129/171 and each gearset I own puts me up minimum +49 because I generally own the top end gear possible short of the 25/40 renown items. I plan on getting my stats (especially Persuasive) up to 200, but that just seems like it should be something to be done with a goal instead of being the goal because I’m such a story driven person. The city is rich enough in lore and I know I haven’t found it all, but my current story arcs are either dry (having to farm up Hell Renown to get into the Iron Republic) or go nowhere (I can only go under the palace so many times). Also - I will never go North >.>

So seeing what I’ve done – what should I do? (And I guess be careful of spoilers new players?)

(My profile for what it’s worth. And I’m always open for social actions: http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Rylan%20Singh)

The Darling of the Ambassador’s Ball
An Admirer of Beauty - Beautiful Company
Free of Surface Ties - A citizen below
A Veteran of the Battle of Wolfstack Docks - Dockside Legend
The Great Game: A Fine Piece in the Game - A Veteran Spy
A Person of Some Importance - A Significant Individual
An Editor of Newspapers - A Hound for Truth
An Explorer of the Unterzee - The Captain
A Member in Good Standing - Known at the Door
Committed - You are committed to a relationship
Admitted to the House of Chimes - Illegitimately Royal?
Enjoying Lethal Prominence - A worthy target
A Diplomat in the Making - Going Places
A Power in Waiting - A Guardian of the Realm
Freed from the Name
Closest To - The Great Game
Jack’s Gone - You did it!
Honoured with a Statue - A Fine Likeness
The Mark of Destiny
Successful Terms as Governor - A popular role model
Restored to the Court of Her Enduring Majesty -
The Last Constable’s Fate The Last Constable perished in her final encounter with her father
A Skin-Bound Memory: Parabola
An Experienced Zailor: A Well-Known Navigator
The Cheery Man and the Last Constable: Favouring the Constable
Adrift on a Sea of Misery: Surrounded by Wretchedness
A Particular Day in the Neath: Done, for now
Route: The Cave of the Nadir You know the way… and you’ve sold that information to a spymaster
A Criminal Record: A Familiar Face
Recent Topic of Conversation: Obscurity
Addressed as: Correspondent
Planning a Heist: The offices of Baseborn & Fowlingpiece, where lawyers hoard secrets.
Target Security: Triple-Bolted
Connected: The Widow 15 - Associated
Connected: The Masters of the Bazaar 3 - Appointments are Possible
Connected: The Duchess 14 - Good evening
Connected: Benthic 28 - Recognised
Connected: Shroud 20
Renown: Criminals 6 - Known in the back-alleys of Spite
Renown: The Docks 7 - Known in the corners of taverns where zee captains drink to Salt’s wrath
Renown: Tomb-Colonies 6 - Known by all those who visit London
Renown: Rubbery Men 6 - Known wherever there is wurbling
Renown: Urchins 5 - Known in the shadowed byways under and around the Flit
Renown: Hell 7 - Known to the diabolical crews of Moloch Street Station
Renown: Constables 11 - Known to the minders of London’s Courts
Renown: The Great Game 8 - Known to the record-keepers of the Foreign Office
Renown: The Church 7 - Known to vicars, for whatever influence they wield
Renown: Bohemians 13 - Known throughout London’s artistic communes
Renown: Revolutionaries 6 - Known to the awakened members of the working class
Renown: Society 16 - Known to all whose names are appended by numerous letters!
Connected: Summerset 15 - Associated
Having Recurring Dreams: What the Thunder Said 7
Having Recurring Dreams: The Burial of the Dead 5
Having Recurring Dreams: A Game of Chess 3
Having Recurring Dreams: Is Someone There? 4
Having Recurring Dreams: Death by Water 3
Having Recurring Dreams: The Fire Sermon 1
Identified with a School: The Nocturnals, radicals who relish the freedom from traditional forms - and moralities - that the darkness of the Neath permits
Identified with a Philosophy: The Implacable Method
Identified with a Tradition: The Forms of the Tomb-Colonies - elegant, punctilious, and effective
You Make Your Toasts To: The Gracious Widow - merciless, efficient, mysterious. Immortal?
Profession: Correspondent
Subtle 9 - Wily as a Crocodile
Melancholy 6
Daring 5 - Intrepid!
Magnanimous 10
Ruthless 4
Forceful 2
Hedonist 9 - Depraved
Steadfast 9
Austere 2 - Restrained
Evidence in the Case of the Absconding Devil 6 - The Brass Embassy retrieved the Absconding Devil
Vermin-Free 1
A Finder of Heiresses 2
A Visitor to the Clay Quarters 5
An Infernal Informant 1
A Survivor of the Affair of the Box 70 - The Gratitude of Mr Fires
An Annoyance to Jack-of-Smiles 1
Inconvenienced by Your Aunt 14
Investigating the Secrets of St Dunstan’s 7 - You brought the Vicar to trial, and justice was served in the end
Marked by the Eater-of-Chains 10 - Seeking out your Fears
Tragedy: Death of a Brother 1
Archaeologist 5 - Scholar
A Scholar of the Correspondence 10 - Cryptophilologist Emeritus
Ascending the Reliables List of Mr Pages 20 - You left the Wilting Dandy bloodied, and returned the book to Mr Pages
Plotting against the Masters 3
Occasionally Seen at Mr Wines’ Revels 7 - You’ve agreed to provide for one of Mr Wines’ revels. Perhaps there will be a profit in this
Master Thief 6 - Thief of thieves
Arachnologist 4 - You’ve slain a Spider-Council!
Duelling with the Black Ribbon 6
A Fearsome Duellist 5 - Feared - you have proven yourself to the Black Ribbon!
A Bringer of Death 1
Involved in the Soul Trade 6 - You’ve encountered Sour Elizabeth
A Shepherd of Souls 5
Acquiring Exhibits for the Labyrinth of Tigers 5 - Aided by the cunning of Mr Inch and the power of his menagerie, no quarry in London is safe from your pursuit
A Procurer of Savage Beasts 5 - Accomplished Hunter
Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion 25 - One of the GREATEST and MOST EXHILARATING ARTISTS of the NEATH - A TRUE SHOWMAN and INTRIGUER
Associating with Radical Academics 75 - An Associate of the Dilmun Club
Cultivating an Acquaintance with His Amused Lordship 3
A Nocturnal Visitor to the Palace Cellars 5 - You’ve revisited the many-locked door in the Palace Cellars
A Zailor in the Making 3
In Contact with a Long-Lost Daughter 14 - Your ‘Daughter’ has potential. Perhaps you could adopt her as your own
An Intimate of Devils 20 - A devil came into your life, and left with your soul
Featuring in the Tales of the University 30 - An Idealist to the End
the Protégé of a Mysterious Benefactor 8 - Remembered Fondly
One Who Has Indulged in Unknown Pleasures 3
Uncovering the Secrets of the Face-Tailor 6 - No Friend of Masks
In the Labyrinth of Tigers, Navigating Coil 5
Making Progress in the Labyrinth of Tigers 16 - Engaged in Theological Husbandry
In Search of a Stiff Drink 7 - An ally of the Duchess
Caught Up in a Soldier’s Heartbreaking Tale 11
The Boatman’s Opponent 6 - A Frequent Player
Solving Cases around London 7
Seeking the Meaning of the Plaster Face 15
Tales of Mahogany Hall 20
Playing with Broken Toys 9 - Menacing puppets!
Entwined in the Intrigues of the Clathermont Family 30
Intimate with a Secular Missionary 40 - You befriended the Missionary after the Nadir
Intimate with a Revolutionary Firebrand 30 - You parted ways with the Firebrand after the Nadir
Raking the Muck of the Neath 11
Entangled with the Legal Profession 1
Acquainted with Miriam Plenty’s Past 3
Learning from a Silk-Clad Expert 9 - You’ve tutored the Silk-Clad Expert in the Correspondence
Talk of the Town 4 - This Week’s Story
Facing a Murderous Opponent 2 - A Former Lover
On the Velocipede Squad 1 - Putting the Boot In
Fist of the Bazaar 13
Empire’s Kingmaker 54
The Spinning of the Wheels 3 - Making Enquiries
Mysteries of the Foreign Office 7
Embarking on a Voyage of Scientific Discovery 4 - An Established Scholar
Collecting Clues for the Clay Coalman 7 - Bring in the Brethren
A Friendship with a Bohemian Sculptress 9 - A Vortex of Scandal and Indulgence
Befriending a Rooftop Urchin 7 - A prudent advisor
Advising the Loquacious Vicar 7 - Extending a Hand to Devils
Seeing through the Eyes of Icarus 20
Touched by Fingerwork 27
Walking the Falling Cities 30
Polythreme Ho! 1
The Dilmun Club: Loyalties 4 - An Ally of the Implacable Detective
Mired in Clay 1 - Hated
Caught in the Gear’s Teeth 1 - Out to Kill
A Name Scrawled in Blood 7 - Your name is feared!
A Name Whispered in Darkness 7 - Your name is steeped in shadow!
A Name in Seven Secret Alphabets 7 - Immortal in Horizon Glyphs
A Name Signed with a Flourish 7 - Written into Hearts and Minds
Family and Law 350 - The Last Constable did not survive her final bout with her father. Perhaps the family may now know a little peace
Playing with Soul 4 - Finished for the moment
The Blind Pianist and the Sallow Spirifer 2 - Favouring the Spirifer
Spending Secrets 4 - Following the Money
The Jack-of-Smiles Case 20 - Case closed
Experiencing Strange Times: Twelve Days of Mr Sacks 12
A Connoisseur of Neathy Delights 6
A Bitter Parting: the Master Jewel Thief 1
Known for Metaphysical Caprice 1
Lilac’s Inclination 4 - Frosty
The Great Game - Opening Moves 3 - You used the Tattooed Courier’s secrets to gain influence over her paramour
The Face Trade 27 - The Face-Tailor has replaced a Prim Baronet. You may visit him on the &quotParks and Palace: Society&quot card
The Gift 220
Deep in the Palace Cellars 210
You Disposed of a Whisper-Locked Sea-Chest 10 - You sold it to a Blind Bruiser
The Blemmigan Affair 98 - You helped found the Mycologine school of fungal poetry: secret, simmering, sporal
An Episode for Exceptional Friends 355 - You have unlocked March’s Exceptional Story! You may play it at your leisure
Imperial Legitimacy 90 - Esteemed by the Crown
Venture Challenge Level 5
Cut with Moonlight 1000 - The Blind Bruiser and Blithe Graduate have an understanding. The Graduate’s would-be assassin is in the Royal Beth
Disposition of the Empress’ Shadow 70 - You made the Dowager Empress of Prussia a Power in her own right.
Sinning Jenny’s Finishing School 10 - You’ve learned of Sinning Jenny’s Finishing School in Ladybones Road.
Progress through the Syllabus 7 - Finished with the course
Credit with the Headmistress 8 - The Headmistress accepts your judgment on many matters relating to the Finishing School.
Days with the Empress’ Shadow 4 - You have seen the Empress’ Shadow on her way.
The Shadow in Stockings 1
Chess: Suitable Responses 3
Dinner: Sunless Preparations 2
Dinner: English Preparations 2
A Mirror for Princes 1 - You encountered the Injurious Princess, an exile from the fabled kingdom of Vesture
Genesis of a Diocese 200 - You supported the St. Fiacre’s candidate for Bishop of Watchmaker’s Hill
A Poet-Laureate 7 - A Much Beloved Artiste
A Fine Piece 10
Tribute 20
A Turn in the Game 10
Cost of Living 900 - You left Lamentation Lock, comfortable in darkness
Rejuvenating a Factory 40 - You have completed the tale: the Factory of Favours
A Fistful of Coinage 20 - The cloaked stranger is gone, as are the Numinatrix’s coins. You kept your promise to the stranger
The Pursuit of Moths 20 - You have found and dealt with the Moth-cloaked Vandal
The Cognoscente’s Secret 1
The Scoundrel’s Secret 1
The Insurgent’s Secret 1
Looking for Love 10
Sympathetic about Ratly Concerns 1
Uncovering Secrets Framed in Gold 54
Serenity of the Plaster Face 4
Attending to the Needs of a Singular Plant 4 - Bold Little Vegetable
Making Friends among the Young Stags 1
Making Friends among God’s Editors 1
Approaching the Gates of the Garden 24
Counting the Days 2
Trailing the Affluent Photographer 1
A Boxful of Intrigue 3
A Clear Path 1
Suspicions Pertaining to a Visitor 1 - You have reason to think the Visitor from the Surface may be collecting information here.
A Class Accustomed to Revels 1 - Your class includes a Nun familiar with Mr Wines.
A Class Prone to Confession 3
Playing the Game 10
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Only because they aren’t listed as achievements, I’ll note as well that I’ve gotten the library of my own, the black stone edifice, the respectable landau, my Zubmarine, I’m in the Parthenaeum…

I’ve done a lot in the six months I’ve been playing.
edited by Rylan Singh on 3/23/2018

There’s a link to a spreadsheet somewhere on this forum that has a pretty good compilation of all the possible achievements. I think it’s linked to in the “list of guides.”

Not sure if you’re talking about the one in my signature. Must note that it does need some updates to it, but I hope it’s a good start!

There is a lot of stuff in Skinnyman’s signature. I would add that FL is not entirely story-driven; there are many goals that include grinding, or at least utilize grinding to get you to the story. Getting a ship, for example, will get you to a lot of zee places with PLENTY of story, but you need the ship for that.

Oh trust me, I understand the grind (All names at 7, the zubmarine, SotC 10, working poet laureate, etc.) but the reason I put up with it all is for the story and I just am concerned that other than buying more exceptional stories, I’m running low right now. But I’m gonna use that achievement list and see where it all goes.

Its hard to tell but it looks like you exhausted free content.
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