Where to next? Finding storylines at high-levels

I’ve been playing off and on since I hit the stat cap…back when the stat cap was much, much lower. Now that I’m at 160+ in stats, I’m trying to figure out which storylines that I can pursue that I haven’t yet. I missed a major one for a while because I didn’t realize that an earlier one led into it.

My Ambition is at its current end.
I’ve got a ship, and I’ve been to Polythreme.
I know how to get an Iron Republic Safe Conduct, though I haven’t yet.
I only just found the route to the Cave of the Nadir, so if there’s more to do there on my next visit I haven’t figured it out yet.
I’ve got a newspaper and finished the Affair of the Box.
I seem to be at an end with the Wry Functionary, though I don’t feel like I uncovered everything there.
There are a couple of acquaintances that are at 1 or 2.
My plant is coming along, though it has yet to win any challenges.
I figured out Jack but did not end him–curiosity won over altruism, I’m afraid.
I don’t know what is going on with the Affluent Photographer.

There’s a bunch of Fate-locked storylines I could pursue later, but alas I’ve spent enough Nex for now.

Have you done the foreign office at Wilmot’s End or the voyages of scientific discovery?

Don’t worry about the Functionary storyline - everyone says that it feels incomplete.

The Nadir has a lot of cards to explore, some of them very profittable.

Once you get your base stats to 200, you can look into specialising into one stat, and boost it via notability.

Otherwise, it’s end-game grinding, I’m afraid. Get your overgoat / ubergoat, impossible theorem, courier’s footprint in Scholar of the Correspondence, cider, or preparing for the Parabolean Basecamp if your a glassman.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

You could join the quest for the “enigma”
You could join the quest for the paramount presence (200 in all stats, and yet more)…