Where to get it?

I desire non-card-related methods to obtaining rats on strings, foxfire candles, souls, and/or glims. My only travel options are Ladybones Road, Veilgarden, Spite, Mrs Plenty’s Carnival, and Watchmaker’s Hill.

Rats can be most easily obtained at Watchmaker’s Hill, through rat hunting at the Department of Menaces. You can also start the rat infestation story there–it’ll continue in your lodgings. I got so many rats from that.

I don’t remember any similar sources for candles or glim at the moment. I believe there’s a higher level storylet in Ladybones involving a spirifer that will give souls. But that’s all I got. Nowadays I rely on posi storylets, so I’ve forgotten a lot of early game grinds.

Glim can be won by participating in the illegal fighting rings run by Feducci, also at Watchmaker’s Hill.

When you gain Shadowy, you’ll be able to burgle for glim in Spite.

Ok, I think this is the right place to put it, since I could find nowhere else. Where do I get the Backstage destiny? I know I have to pay Fate, I have enough, but I just want to know which option I should choose. Please don’t trick me. I have very little fate. I’m asking it now because I heard I could get one at the Fruits of the Zee festival. Thank You :)

We won’t trick you! Backstage is available through the silvered and jewelled destinies.

Ok, thanks. Just finishing off my Strange Catch

This kind of information can also be found on the wiki, you might want to note the address for future use.