Where to get Bottles of 1868 First Sporing

I need to obtain 3 more bottles to continue my ambition, but it looks like the only thing I have left is to randomly get one from the card for a Touching Love Story, and after failing that 5 times in a row it seems a little difficult. Anyone know how I can get more? I already did the FF Gebrandt ones with Mr. Wines

One of the cards you can draw refers to Mr Wines having a sale; if you trade Touching Love Stories for an Unlabelled Box, you have a 50% chance to get a 1868 First Sporing Bottle.

I assume the ‘Mr Wines is having a sale’ card is the one the op says has failed 5 times in a row. The wiki gives some sources, most of which are opportunity cards.

I guess the only thing then is to keep trying, unfortunately.

That was me, as it happens. Just to see how that pans out, I’ve chosen that option instead of deleting the card the last three times it has come up. I think I may have got your wine, because it came up every time. Or the RNG hates you. Meh, it sometimes hates me, too.