Where to draw cards

For the last two months, almost my entire time as a PoSI, I’ve been drawing cards in the Bazaar Side Streets to try to tell the Bazaar a certain story. Now that I’ve done it, I don’t know where I should be grinding cards. The Lodging seems kind of nice for that 200 cryptic clues card, and I hear the Flit lets you trade connections for fairly valuable prizes.
I’m not really looking for anything in particular, as I’m now on the content boundary for basically everything. I’m mostly just stockpiling resources for whatever new content might arise, and grinding actions into echoes for a far-off Overgoat.
Since I’m no longer looking for one particular maddeningly rare card, I could fatten my deck back up by increasing my connections again, I rather enjoy the increased variety from not having such abundant cards in my deck though.

I usually draw cards in the Labyrinth of Tigers or Mahogany Hall, though doing so in your Lodgings is definitely a better choice if you aren’t looking for anything specific.

I think the Forgotten Quarter doesn’t have any location-specific cards, so if you want to avoid the Lodgings one (it does require a social action, iirc) you might want to draw there, as once you’re reaching content boundaries the location-specific cards tend to be a little below your pay grade, with the possible exception of the Flit trading favors card.