Where is the Royal Bethlehem?

What it says on the tin. What Neathy Landmarks is it near? It looks like in the art the Suites are at the same altitude as the Flit. But the ground level is pink. Nowhere else I can recall is colored pink but (maybe) Veilgarden.

Iirc, the Light Fingers ambition says it is close to the Forgotten Quarter. I might have forgotten, those tea leaves are really powerful.

Its where the royal Bethlehem hospital was located. South of the stolen river, adjacent to the Bazaar.
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Yep. In the heart of Southwark. The Beth’s colour scheme is its own - blame the decorators. (Also, you mention the Flit - this is just my interpretation, but as far as I can tell, the Flit isn’t an area on a map, so to speak - it’s just any rooftop you can reach from another rooftop and that a portly police constable would find it difficult to access - basically, the top parts of the entire city.)
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