Where is that Bohemian card!?!

I have flicked through over 30 Opportunity Cards, seen every other Connection Card besides the Bohemian one. [color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]How am i supposed to be a Journalist, if I can’t apply!?! FYI, I’m at 35 on the Connection Meter. Any suggestions?[/color]
edited by ProfessorDetective on 6/29/2013[li]
edited by ProfessorDetective on 6/29/2013

You can spend fate to use the Write a Letter option in your lodgings and arrange a meeting with your Bohemian friends, or just sacrifice a few rats to the RNG, have patience and it will eventually show up.

Only 30 cards? Oh, honey…

Sometimes you just have to keep flipping for a couple of days until you get the card you want. It’s just the nature of the game. To expect to get a desired card out of a deck of hundreds of options after only 5 hours is a bit unreasonable.
Give it time. The card will show up, I assure you.